World Financial Group is repeatedly calling my parents and waking them in the am and continuosly call throughout the day. She has told them that they need to cease and desist from this nagging annoying call and they have refused.

We need to know how to alleviate this as soon as possible. It is disturbin, annoying and a nuisance.

I also think that a 100 word minimum is quite unneccessary as the point of my complaint by now has been reached. I hope that you can help me with this matter and anyone else who has suffered from this nuisance.

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World Financial Group is not a debt company. I think you have the wrong company name on this blog. Are you sure it's not World Finance you are referring to?


You people should get these calls then you would shut your *** mouth!! Get a life and quit trolling websites leaving comments you know nothing about!!

Us middle class people are just trying to make a living and you rich ##%$#$ keep taking it all!! Get a life!


I also get up to 8 calls per day starting at 8am. They do not leave a message and when I have answered they hung up.

I have NO IDEA who these people are and cannot make any payments due to this fact. ARGH!


I'm sorry but even with "debt" on your hands, they still shouldn't call every *** day. My mom has debt from other places and they have the *** decency to call at least once a week, at the most 3 times a week, and even then they don't call at 7am in the morning.

If they were really being considerate they should take into account "time difference" and go on from there. I can see where the OP is coming from, especially if these people work late night and need to sleep during the day. And in all seriousness, if they really had debt I'm sure it would have been paid off by now, or at least are in the process of paying it off slowly. Fact is they need to butt the *** out of our personal lives and learn to call at a proper time and have a backbone in their body, which clearly they don't seem to have.

I've said my peace, I don't give a *** about what anybody else has to say about this or my comment. :roll :zzz :p


The best course of action is to contact the Office of the Attorney General. Explain that you and others are victims of predatory behavior.

Second, you will need proof and the best proof is from the elderly who have been hardest hit.

It is necessary to do this so that you do not appear to be disgruntled. You should start a blog specifically for victims.


Since they are the primary creditor, they dont have to follow the FDCPA...thats only for collection agencies.....but the best way get them to stop is to make a payment or stop avoiding them and answer your own phone


Debt Collectors calling? Pay your bill - wow, it's really that easy.

Done. Next?

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