They have been calling me every day from several different numbers ( area code 614 and 913#'s, and are very rude. They asked for social security number ( "uh, NO! NOT WHEN I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU WANT" ) and other personal information. Hung up on me when I questioned them. If I were to call that individual, asking those questions , would they be *** enough to give out that information without asking questions first?? NO. So why the attitude when the consumer asks the questions.

I am not sure how they got my number. I am on the DO NOT CALL list, but will resubmit my name.

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World Financial Group doesn't use automated calling systems nor do they have any connection to Capital. You are slamming the wrong company. World Financial Group's primary focus is to provide financial concepts to families overlooked by the financial industry so that they can improve their financial situation and protect their families (insurance).


First of all, what does Capital have to do with World Financial Group? There's no connection between the two, so maybe you're just dealing with a telemarketer from somewhere else?

Or maybe it's one of your creditors who's using a collection agency to collect what you owe them? Collection agencies are the only ones who feel it necessary to be rude & evasive & use scare tactics & auto-calling systems to get what they want.

And, there's absolutely no reason for them to ask you for your SSN. Did you actually go into one of their offices before and give them other personal info? If not, consider that you're on someone's list from clicking on an ad somewhere online...


Worst Telemarketing program ever! AND I have the solution.

Have an air horn and ear plugs near your phone...ear plugs in, pickup phone, don't say anything, extremely loud quick toot of the horn, hang up. That's how you make people AFRAID to call you again.


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We have also been getting calls from them several times a day asking for my ex-husband, who has been dead for 7 years. (We were divorced before he died).

I have told them that he is deceased and they still call. :?


Someone needs to step up to the plate and just send a nice virus their way, erase everything in their system, then they won't call anymore...easy! :grin


They call me upto 10 times a day starting at 6 am. I'm sick of this ***

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