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I know the WFG system very well and I do not have a problem with "selling" products to family and friends IF THEY NEED IT. The problem with WFG is that these people who get a "fast start" are new to the financial world and don't know anything about the products, but by the time they are licensed they have had their friends sold these things and they have brought on more recruits doing the same.

By the time they figure out there are better options than the UL (for 80% of people) they have two choices: leave the company and save face, or turn a blind eye and keep watching the money roll in. That being said, all the successful people in WFG who made a living with ULs are either not smart or creative enough to recommend the proper products for their clients, or just don't care because they don't have a reputation to protect. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if WFG has the most products available to them because the greedy agents will always pick from the 3-4 money makers. This is why you don't see highly educated people do well, because they educate themselves about the financial products more than the uplines and have integrity.

If I had stayed in WFG, I would have probably never met the person who was responsible for making sure I was doing the right thing for my clients, because this person did not work out of the office I was at. Do you see a problem with this?

It took me a few weeks of learning about insurance and investments to realize that I probably already knew more about how these products worked than they did.

In case you are wondering, I am currently still in the industry and fully licensed, and can sleep at night knowing I am doing the right thing for people.

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Great post Vancouver. Very well said.


That's interesting! I just met an old friend who just started with WFG and selling me UL?

I was convinced it is a good product but I just to search more and then I found your post. What product do you have that is better than UL?

Thank you.

to Anonymous #1096505

50 hour course and an exam taken online is it, in other words they have no knowledge of the products.If they had a 2 year business course I would agree but a license that only takes a week to obtain is not enough in the real world.Most can't even speak English and you're telling me they can pass an exam and explain thoroughly what you are getting? Now everybody in your family gets this little course that skims products and they are now agents too and all of that in the same village where everybody is now financial experts?

Your old friend would have had more training as a cashier at Walmart than being a wfg financial agent...think about it! Yes researching online about a product is about the same experience they have...exept the pep talk rally seminars wfg gives them to get the family members and friends involved thinking they will all become rich.

to Anonymous #1097294

UL generates 8-10x the commission than the products used in "buy term invest the difference". Why, you ask?

Because this product transfers the risk from the insurance company to the consumer, because the company is guaranteed to make a sh*tload of money from this product, so they can afford paying the agents such high commissions. So while the commissions are being paid indirectly by the premiums in the first 2-3 years, this stunts growth in the "wonderful" investment portion of the policy. I don't know about you, but I would rather invest into something where it can start to grow right away.

I don't sell ULs but I know a lot more about how they work than any WFG rep who does (because I have educated myself more than just getting the license). Good for the agent though, that's why they try to recruit you so they can justify ripping you off by helping you make money by ripping other people off.

to Anonymous #1140417


Thornhill, Ontario, Canada #1064873

Thanks for the honest comments. Will you be able to mentor in how to get the license and get in the insurance industry


to Anonymous #1067091

Would be happy to! Email me at saynotowfg@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hello Insurance Sales Person,

I like you being upfront and honest, it is most important to me to know how the company works. Education of a product one has no problem in selling gives the buyer the trust which is needed. IF you say WFG is not the company to work for than I respect your opinion.


I just started at this company. And I would like to work in it, but the right way, I don't want to find out I'm doing the wrong thing in the long run. Could you email me at caterinaa2020@gmail.com

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