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Wfg destroyed my marriage brainwashed my wife who spent thousands of dollars going to conventions and dinners for potential clients. Its a cult.

Because of wfg, we are a broken family and our kids r suffering the most. Just stay away from this ***.

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WFG does not pay for food and hotel stay during convention.

Each agent is independent contractor. He/she pays for their own business expenses. WFG is a business.

Please know your facts before post.

Sachse, Texas, United States #1098857

You are most likely the reason who destroyed your marriage by not supporting your wife.

The convention is the most important meeting of this business, people who go to the convention get clear vision about this business from the leaders in the company.

This is a business, and every business has its cost. WFG is a people business, meetings are part of the business cost.

The couples I know in our office have quit their full time jobs, are making more with WFG, and also get to spend more time with their family and go on company paid trips.

Please exam the reasons for your own failures first before you start blaming others for your failures.

Thank you.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1144783

Sachse Anon, your comment is more than merely idiotic. Your accusation is loathsome and despicable.

How do you have the gall to judge this person when you have almost *zero* idea the dynamics between this couple? You say “Please exam the reasons for your own failures first…” Good Gawd.

Mr WFG religious replicant, please shove your icky sanctimony where the sun don’t shine. The chance to run into you is reason enough to avoid the conventions.


I know WFG pays for the hotels and food during conventions. The independent sales rep only pays for the airfare, but that expense is tax deductible anyway.

If she has enough sales her commissions could have paid for it.


I am sorry to hear this. Next time, man up and show a bit of dominance.

don't let your wife run your finances into the ground or make ***, rash decisions. A man and father should be the vanguard of his family.


Its business. you should have helped her.

u ppl wana get rich but don't like to work. sure go sell illegal stuff then. Too bad u will retire broke begging govt for more CPP or WELFARE funds. Good LUCK.

In today's world world financial is only the business to start with least investment and work ur way up.

It's business not a job. So u need to learn how to do it.

to Anonymous #1047762

Get a life I bet u work for wfg and they sold u a dream what is Ur educational background can u even read the fineprint for most of the products u sell I bet not cause I don't think Ur qualified to do so

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