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When you're given an opportunity to be successful, it's not a magic pill.It's a chance to work as hard as you possibly can to build a family legacy & help families obtain the financial security everyone deserves.

Unfortunately if you're in the habit of blaming everyone else for your failures & chose the short route; nothing will help you get out of that rot. If you don't have direction in life, every road will lead you no where. The truth is that if you want to keep your employee mindset , and continue to be addicted to a "pay check" that's fine. But don't blame a company for a few people that chose to use this opportunity for personal gain and that's not our company mission.

Pyramid? MLM? Scam?

Well I guess then Transamerica & AEGON (our parent Co) 172 year old Co with a presence in over 20 countries has been lying to millions or people for over 100 years, huh?Our model is build it big or go home.

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People like the person who wrote the above letter, lose all credibility as soon as they start to play the finger pointing game. Their belief that if a person does not fall in line like a good little sheeple and play follow the mlm leader then they aren't trying or aren't driven, is utter BS. The problem with people like the letter writer is they are so drunk on the pyramid/mlm scheme kool-aid, they can't form a sober thought.


Your "dream" is to scam the weak and desperate.People who don't understand

You throwing numbers about how long the company has been around doesn't make it a reputable company.

There are several companies that base their model the same way. This model is labeled as a scam type tactic because of the poor, desperate, and socially brainwashed souls that listen to you throw big numbers wearing rolex watches.

The people who are skeptic of this business are smart and hardworking.

They don't like to see people be taken advantage of.

So again with regards to your "dream" which is to attempt financial gain for yourself at the loss of others....well you deserve a nice fancy seat for you in ***, because that is where you are going.


Your company was started by a man who decided he no longer wanted to do the right thing for the consumer so he can make more commission for himself.That is the whole premise of WFG, starting with the founder, then leadership and working its way down.

Do your research on what you're selling to your friends and family. Don't let your upline convince you that the insurance company pays the commission, not the customer.

Where do you think that money comes from?Anyone with a decent amount of knowledge and a conscience has no place in WFG.


WFG total commission for 2015 was 756 million for 53,000 agents and 197,000 new recruits...99.2% of all wfg workers had to share 40% of the commission giving them on average 101$/month.



50HOURS OF TRAINING AND AN EXAM IS AN EXPERT TO WFG EYES and they come here and talk about hard work..well hard work starts with EDUCATION AT LEAST 2 YEARS OR MORE...Most are not qualified to give financial advice but they do!

to Anonymous #1117887

Nothing like making it about hard work and starting with absolutely no education and accepting everybody even if they can't even write or speak.

Seminars that are based on how much money they make isn't education,it's brainwashing the base to work and think all will make it big while the official numbers you, I and WFG are seing is far from it!

Sad in that they use people so a few can profit...Very sad!Now even worse they take clients money without knowing what they're selling and the consequences come years later.

to sharaz Berkeley, California, United States #1142554

Sharaz, exactly.WFGers make a tacit “wink-wink” agreement among themselves to stay ignorant about the super spendy dross they coax and wheedle their victims to buy, so they can justify to themselves their pernicious harmful actions that bear their rotten fruit decades later.

It’s like the three wise monkeys who “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." WFGers collectively turn a dollar-sign-blinded eye to their own massive impropriety, their abuse of other people including their friends and family, and often involving their close ones them in these bad-faith activities.Folks, WFG shows us institutionalized evil in microcosm.

to Anonymous #1119356

Given the fact that just to achieve the first promotion level each recruit has to bring in 3 new recruits within 30 days you can see the system is doomed for future failure.With some basic math you can quickly see that this model has a major flaw!!

It is mathematically impossible for the growth needed to sustain the system.

The vast majority are doomed to fail.Of course Wfg will blame you for failing and not because the system has a major flaw.

to Anonymous #1120085

Absolutely agree and like most good pyramid scheme it takes about 10 recruits to feed the one on top of them and takes 100 recruits to feed the 10 above this is WHY IN 2015 A TOTAL OF 197,000 NEW RECRUITS HAVE HOOKED UP WITH WFG.

This is all to feed the peek folks...99% of you are certain to stay poor..worst not even making an average of 100$ a month!!

Best of''ll need it!


I remember 3 years ago, I was sold a product that was build by a reputable company but was not what I needed, but I trusted the rep.The manufacturer still in business and has been for over 75 years.

I didn't go blame the company, I blamed the rep. and could perhaps his manager for not training him the right way. But maybe it was not even the manager's fault either, but perhaps a rep that chose to be deceitful and dishonest. Have you met anyone like that at least once in your life?

Well, I have, they're everywhere you go, and yes, they shouldn't be representing a company that has built their reputation with years of sacrifice and honest living. Everyday I receive a national report of insurance agents & financial advisors that went the wrong way & got caught and are paying the price as they should. You owe it to less fortunate or educated people to report them and do all of us a huge favor. Don't get bitter, get better.

There's enough negativity out there.God bless.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1142570

Anon, that threadbare "few bad apples" tune you're twanging, remember that even in its published manuals WFG encourages its reps to keep prospects and recruits in the dark.E.g.

this, lifted right out WFG’s System Manual:

“Avoid the Scenario of Disaster.

**If you start answering too many questions**, it takes the edge off the prospect’s curiosity.”

WFG to recruits: Reject “too many questions.” Keep clients ignorant.That's how you push onto your prospects your pigs in pokes.

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