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You are a captive sales agent who is fooled into believing you are an independent business owner. You realize when you want to leave that WFG owns your book of business and all your insurance renewals. It isn't until you leave that you realize WFG keeps more than 75% of your commissions and what is paid to WFG and what is "paid to the field" is quite different.

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They definitely don't keep any of the money that you make. The money your make is yours to keep.

its your money. that is if you have your license. you have to be licensed in whatever your state your in to make money.

that is LAW. this is a LEGIT business

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1144123

Anon, the OP is right. That tired "independent business owner" line is a lie.

You can’t advance in WFG without upline approval no matter how much you sell/recruit. WFG keeps your book of business if you leave.

Please quit fooling yourself and others. Thank you.

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