I am delighted to be in the WFG Family as an Associate on the MD contract. The leadership is stellar and the products we have to help families are second to none.

I highly recommend getting involved with WFG as a business owner and or a client.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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This "delighted" person--whoever he is--must really love him some WFG fer shure. He wants to keep his "stellar" leaders and his “2nd-to-none fambly-heping products” all a total secret from us :-)

So sure.

Why shouldn’t we believe this total unknown who maybe comes from a place with almost 20 million people?

Why don’t we all take seriously his vague recommendation that comes from Who the *** Knows Where? Hey, I'm ON IT :-)))


Hey WFG guy from somewhere in LA:

I want to get in touch with you, but you make it hard! Your Private Message button says ”Private messaging is available to business accounts only.” I can apply for that account for free, but it forces me to give a business name, web site and other stuff I don’t have.

Meanwhile, there’s a few WFG offices in LA area. Which one are you in?!

Throw us a bone here OK? :-) Thanks.


Hey "Delighted" how can we reach you? Your PRIVATE MESSAGE AUTHOR button doesn't work. Thanks.


Who are you? How can we reach you?


You are highly recommending this company for WHAT? To get more victims of your greediness.

I hope that you are doing this business NOTHING out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.

Money is the root of all evil things. That is all I can say for you.


Calgary Anon, your comment may be falling on deaf silicon ears. This "review" reads so generically, a malbot, not a person, likely generated it.

A bot designed to insert sorta appropriate positive descriptors in the sorta right places, e.g. “delighted,” “stellar,” “second to none,” and such blah-blah.

This “review” is pure utterly generic no-info boilerplate designed to fish for money-desperate no-think recruits and other vulnerable folks.

It’s scary to think that machines may take over the world after all.


I am delighted to be in the WFG Family as an Associate on the MD contract. The leadership is stellar and the products we have to help families are second to none.

I highly recommend getting involved with WFG as a business owner and or a client.

I highly recommend not getting involved with WFG as a person who realizes the major flaws of the company and how much their products can hurt the consumer. Leadership is at most subpar (and that's saying it lightly) because this "leadership" is heavily reliant on their recruits for their commission. So are they really leading or wanting to milk more money out of their underlings by giving a leader facade? You can say that in your experience they're actually nice, but WFG's business model facilitates an environment where greedy people can take advantage of those under them to make more commission.

And that's where those negative posts on WFG come in. It's not just a "few bad apples," but more like a tree growing them and dropping bad apples left and right. Now about the products, are they the best for low to middle income families which WFG tends to target the most? For the most part, no.

Try doing the calculations without your illustration model WFGer. Calculate all the fees like rising cost of COI. By the time the client gets incredibly old, the cost of those fees will most likely exceed the "investment", therefore making the client lose everything and forfeit the plan. Great product right?

You get to pay ex) 200k into the plan only to drop it due to rising fees. Yes, great investment indeed. If families truly want just a mere investment, it's better for them to put a little bit of money into a government bond or a low cost S&P index fund and have a fiduciary handle it such as a fee-only financial adviser. And let me ask, is WFG a fiduciary?

Do they act in the consumers interest by the law, whether they like it or not? More than likely with the business model, WFG would happily screw over clients if it means a big fat commission from an FFIUL, their current flagship plan. Now if they truly wanted an insurance-type plan, it's better for them to invest in term life than an FFIUL. And do you truly own your business?

Please check a previous post on this website "World Financial Group - Are You Really "Your Own Boss?" Do You Truly “Own Your Own Biz?” Closely READ and *KNOW* WFG’s Contract Before You Sign It." There are also many other posts debunking WFG. I suggest you take a hard look at this "business" because it seems (or should I say 'is') anything but good to you as an agent and to the consumer. Read the posts from not only consumers, especially those filing lawsuits against WFG, but also former WFGers. Those are real complaints, real stories and experiences from all walks of life.

It's not just "bad customer service" but people are losing money and close relationships due to this atrocious company and it's practices.

I'm done with this little essay, but I think it's more than enough to state flaws in your statement. Plus you didn't even describe in detail why it's "great," very typical of WFGers who try to make WFG seem like a godsend.

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