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"I wouldn't recommend this company for someone in financial dire straits."

I typed this on a mobile and made an error there.

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I admit that I fell for the okey-doke. They built up my confidence, pumped me full of law of attraction nonsense, and sold me a dream, causing me to foolishly squander money I had saved to teach English in China. Now, I get to stay home this summer with no money, and I get to miss out on teaching overseas and living my real dream.

The WFG branch that I was recruited by, Axianta Financial Partners, was disingenuous from the start. When I asked if the "background check fee", which was an "administrative fee" in my case, along with the 52 Hours and CA insurance license were the only fees that I had to pay for, they said yes. Lo and behold, I'm having to pay for continuing education, errors and omissions, and a mandatory "kickstarter" event which is just a day-long BPM with more motivational speaking and dudes talking about how their wives are their better halves, nothing that would actually get money in my pocket.

Are there people making it with this company? Sure, there probably are. Would I recommend this as an opportunity to make it big or in financial dire straits? Absolutely not. Most people likely will not make it, and most people will likely put out more money than they get back, that is if they get anything at all. These people are liars and they teach agents tactics to get under their victims skins, things that some may call foul play. It's all "connotation", I guess.

In closing, I must say that Axianta Financial Partners did indeed take a cue from King Leonidas as he is portrayed in the movie, 300, whose shield and sword adorn the offices of some SMDs; they "gave me nothing, but took from me everything!"

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

World Financial Group Pros: Leaving comfort zone.

World Financial Group Cons: Cult-like mentality, Dishonesty.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Not all trainers are the same & not office functions the same way. If you do it right & invest your time wisely will be rewarding over time. If you are not happy with training or office, go to another one.


WFG is simply a platform for agents to build a business. What's the difference between agents that offer policies from all of those reputable companies (Nationwide, TransAmerica, Voya, Pacific Life) and WFG agents?

You can become an agent or you can build your own company. Investments on training is normal if you want to improve yourself. Lots of business owners spend money on different sessions on how to be a better leader than a manager, how to sell, how to motivate...isn't that what WFG trainings and conventions offer?

This company has about 40k agents attending the upcoming convention so for those that say they are a bunch of losers, liars and cheat to make money...haha you really got to look at yourself in the mirror to know what type of person you are to make that sort of comments.


Hearing about how someone's wife is their better half isn't training.

Being told that I would not have to spend additional money, then having to spend additional money means that I was lied to. I understand that agents need to be trained, but I was blatantly lied to; that is the point.


They are bunch of loosers, lie, cheat to make money. If you want crooks, liers, low life, you can find them all at one place at WFG conferance.


Once I found out that they had been tied to Primerica at one time I got out quick. Been there done that selling people policies they can't afford. It's all a mess


You should had more time, WFG is nothing like Primerica.

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