Ever since I joing WFG all I have experience is a bunch of lies:

What agent did for a living.

Having no friends and knowing nobody in the city.

Finding the cheapest product. Instead selling a product that was 90% more with half the face value for one policy.

No caring and finding a better, cheaper product. Charged $60 more for a product providing four times less policy face value.

Lied about a person being a 1099 (Tax and/or city laws "Must sell a policy before the year is over have a business license in order to claim any expenditure. and be able to submit a 1099)

less then 2% insurance carriers poduct training. WFG higher management agents do not know how to provide quality trainer like the Insurance reps.

Always want you to pay for something

Management only care about their pockets and not the recruits or recruits careers in the insurance industry.

Reason of review: Not honest, not trustworthy, and uning non genuine practices on behalf of the consumer.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Warn others via the internet of the the non ethical practices used by World Financial Group Management. Also to warn about the wrongs they teach their agents..

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Everything i can mostly accept in wfg, except one thing i don't really like is the conventions part. I am from Canada and travelling to US like Hawaii price is high, and that may cost a lot to certain people and you only stay there for 2 nights.

Getting to the point I don't really like the way the team has to sell the Hawaii trip and for promotion all they have to say is "Life changing events". Well, there are others things to do which can be life changing in lesser cost~ so I don't think that's powerful enough to convince people to go.

See~ I ve been in wfg quite a while already and really confused what are the target recruits are coz they want to help families in terms of financial freedom on the other hand you have to pay your own all these expenses. I think if they are really help they should reduce the amount of conventions and let those people who may not afford to travel at least earn something first then have them to go later.

There are lots of meetings in offices are good enough to motivate newcomers and associates and you have to make them to fly all the way elsewhere and doing the same stuff as meeting does. If you are forcing people and pay to go conventions in turns will be lesser motivation coz it's the same thing over. Seriously, how many people will actually willing to go ?

Let's say there are leaders who are being kind and helping most associates to bail out partial expenses, this will creating pressures within the team no difference to quotas reaching.

Some people may willing to gamble and put themselves in to risk to win big at the end, but not for some who has family and kids. So~ i am really confused ~ I myself ok ~ coz i m doing this for part-time, which they suggest for full time....

to maggiec01 Sacramento, California, United States #883142

I used to be in Wfg too. I too hate those meetings, boot camps and conventions.

Yes, nothing is free and at the end you made no money. What's dumb is you waste yor time and day and they didn't really offer any real training. They want you to sell and recruit a false dream. I got out, did not want to lose friends and families over this not to mention potential risk of getting sued for misrepresentation.

Honestly they are very cheap and greedy people. Get a job with a place that actually train you the ins and outs of the products.

This is people's hard earn money you are working with. You need to be able to sleep good at night knowing you sold them a good product.

to Marla Brooklyn, New York, United States #930264

Hi, do you still go to WFG ? I just join.

But I want to quit after I read these complaint.

What do you suggest?

to Marla Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #930696

I've lost many friends...sure I made a bit of money,almost 6 figures but I lost my wife and kids.i was always on those pep talk meetings every few weeks and putting all my eggs in the wfg basket.Now my friends that I had don't answer my calls I guess they know what I want...their well being,so much so that I destroyed my family.Even my parents are not supportive.i've lost a lot more with wfg as the only thing I gained was a few more $$$ but I lost my family and need to give 50% to my ex wife and support my kids...who will give me my kids when i'm always on the go at some pep talk meeting and taking care of the business instead of my kids..i learned a lesson..to late but I did,its not all about the money.i destroyed my families future which I started wfg to protect their future but did the exact opposite.

anyways I can't recruit all my family and friends and believe it won't thin out the market left for me.Also have found the hard way that I wasn't ready to give financial advice.Gave a couple the wrong products and they are paying for it and I paid for it with chargebacks.Not nearly enough training for such serious products and money.


To the self-titled finance major using the gym analogy: you asked, if I don't get the results I want, who do I blame? The gym?

Well, if I am going to a cr@ppy, run-down gym that cannot offer decent equipment, space and other resources, in order for me to get a proper workout, then yes, I am going to partially blame the gym. But, mostly, I will blame myself for not looking for ANOTHER gym and having not left the cr@p one alone to begin with.

On my way out the door, I would be sure to warn others they might want to leave the cr@p gym alone and look at other gyms that actually offer promise.

Do you get my drift, finance major?

to Anonymous #869228

That is not what he/she meant. I think they mean to say the accomplishment in the WFG opportunity or the result of working hard in the gym, not the actually physical facility itself.

The accomplishment in WFG I believe (everyone else may be different), is to become successful business owner and teach elites to bring on more elites and have a great business flowing and in the gym the accomplishment would be to have an ideal body. In order to get these, it takes discipline, dedication and hard work. All self development, nothing to do with anything, anyone or anywhere but on themselves. I believe if you go into anything in life, it is on you to make it happen.

Not the company. Even in my corporate job, if I don't get promoted, it is not the company's fault.

I am not doing something right, whether it is my quality of work, my bad social skills within my department, or just not doing enough to enhance my skills so my company. Champions don't make excuses no matter what you do.

to Anonymous #869632

the first day wfg teaches you : don't be too judgemental. Who are you to judge whether gym is crappy or decent. Just do your workout ...

to maggiec01 Long Beach, California, United States #930957

wfg teaches us not to be judgemental at their cheerleading sessions because they want us to focus on the all mighty $$$$$$ instead of the products we are offering our friends and family.i got out after a few months because I saw that I was making my $$ on the backs of those I cared about,so in essence the exact opposite of what we were brainwashed to think.every dollar we make is money that our clients(family and friends) don't have for their financial needs for the future.1 billion that is for the 2015 fiscal year...now that is only part of the problem..the brainwashing so everybody to join is #1.


Pretty sure you just either went to an office with awful people and lack of knowledge. It's a business not job don't expect a lot of hand holding.

Therefore, recruit and train people to do things the right way. Get licenses and certifications. If you can go through the hardships it can possibly be worth it at the end. Just think of WFG like a gym.

Most people get hyped in the beginning but only the 10-20% who really put in the effort will get results because they make no excuses.

The other 80% usually get lazy and tired because they don't see fast results. It's not for everyone so Cheer up lol

to Anonymous Newport Beach, California, United States #862664

It is definitely not for those who have a real education, real opportunities in life and the determination to not associate with lame insurance sales with a joke company like this.

to Anonymous #862824

But yet people who were either waiters or IT engineers with MBAs are in this business, etc. can all become successful and run a business the way they want it.

I have a real education and I have done real corporate careers as well. I got my licenses and certifications so are you saying I am in a lame field doing lame business. No thanks. People like you are just narrow minded and you will not know how to run a business.

You have a workers mentality and you wish everything to be handed to you. Until maybe you start thinking outside the box and stop being a Negative Nancy, don't be mad, corporate or small businesses do need people like you to work.

If everyone succeeds in this, then who would be the workers Lol. It's a business, if you can't handle keep it to yourself and give others a chance.

to Anonymous #863062

The real question is: Do you have the educational background in finance, taxation or an econ degree to be able to really advise people on what and how to invest let alone purchase any financial instruments that can make them a profit or better yet minimize their investment loss. I certainly don't think anyone with an IT degree or engineering degree is qualified to advise on finance when that is not their expertise.

Getting a license or being certified doesn't equate to having the financial expertise to advise anyone of financial matters.

WFG is not categorized as a MLM for nothing because that's exactly what it is.

to Anonymous #863079

Give others the chance? Why?

Because clearly I am blocking people from doing so? Wow, I really am Oz, all great and powerful. Get on your knees WFG loser boy.

Sorry your widdle feelings got hurt, but grow up. Sometimes the truth hurts!

to Anonymous #863080

To BeWise: you are wasting your time on this "bright as a box of bricks" characters. The sad truth is they have no education and no marketable skills. For them, this is one step above fastfood and so they shall defend WFG, no matter how illogical and ridiculous their arguments may be.

to Anonymous #863802

I do have a finance degree and to be honest you do not learn anything from the material you do in Life/Health, Series 63, Series 6, 7, CFP..etc in an average college. So yes, if you have the balls to study it as well as work in an environment that gives you experience, I do not see why this would not work.

Instead of representing and doing business for one company I can do business for what is best suited. This WFG isn't easy at all. You come into this with an employee and employer mentality. It is very hard but well paid off if done right.

It is very similar to this industry I see in the auto- industry.

A lot of broker dealer small businesses have been helping the dealers do businesses as well. And why do people like them? Because the associate is not biased and can recommend many brands to compare specials or features with instead of one. Same in WFG.

If you are calling me an *** be my guest. But I have done corporate, I still run a small business, and I do this now and this is not a MLM. Until you make your first check and see some sort of payoff, I do not think you should go off on your bashful thoughts. It has helped many people and because you can't do it doesn't mean its legit.

It is like saying you pay for the gym and you do not get results.

Who do you blame? The gym or you?

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