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This company... Wow.

You again... Really? Now you have consumed all the thoughts and dreams of my top client like some sort of psychotic cult following... Using HIGH pressure sales and meetings.

I wonder what you do to make her like this. That right there makes you seem fishy. If there could be one day this year that my Client wasnt on some WFG Spiel about joining and recruiting my family and most valuable work associates /employees which is a huge conflict of interest BTW, I would be so RElieved and Im actually just thinking about paying her to just NO and STOP. So instead because she does business with me through a Legitimate company I thought I would be nice and I just agreed to having a meeting at our business and they act like there meetings will be brief but they last 3 hours minimally and that day they came to our business they sold the idea of financial freedom, being in the top percentage of the rich and just basically talked our ears off.

Wasted thousands of dollars to stop production for 3 hours with our most important employees in a room, if it just lasted an hour I'm sure everyone would have been much happier. Anyways... One of them signed up and then received a letter later from the Washington DC fraud department that there social security background check went through a company that was insecure or had a leak. So wow, what an embarassment, then I tell her (my client & wfg rep) after she sends me texts day and night hundreds during the Holidays when I'm the most busy sometimes at midnight, 2am or even 4 am odd hours like shes possessed or something...

Anyways, I told her about the letter but she just says her higher up said it was coincidental spam, so I tell my employee this and they still dont want to attend another meeting and yet she STILL won't take NO for an answer. WFG.... Ive already tested you out, I've signed up, I've attended meetings and let you into my home to sign my family up and the thanks I got was an insult to my father and his business from the director of the branch via text message...He said he wanted to recruit me and was thinking about having me work for corporate and said to leave my family business because they dont pay me on time all the time which I never told him that and some other things I thought were rude. I told him even though he has an MBA he knows nothing about business, sometimes you have to sacrifice if you're a part owner and to just leave my family stranded without a promise of salary ...

to just quit my job was horrible advice... I still think WFG is a company who preys off the weak and unstable... I joined 5 years ago at a hard time in my life and realized it was bogus by how much they expected without paying a salary, how they want you to use your family and friends RIGHT AWAY, how they don't truly show you how to sell a product it's more of a job you sell for your pyramid, I asked for brochures or forms about the products from my Client who I'm talking about in this statement (she joined a year ago) and they wont just send you info.... they just get money from sign ups and training sessions / buying licenses, lol oh yeah and you have to pay for WFG powerpoint brochure...


In short: Bogus umbrella pyramid scheme. WFG, Go away.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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"Angelous from Stratford, Ontario" you spout total utter stinking *** Your claim to know "...lots of wfg people who work hard is a multi million income earner..." is impossible. Please take a look at the WFG 2015 Ring Earners at www dot facebook dot com/world dot financial dot group dot inc. Go to the graphic at 3 February 2016 on the FB Timeline. How many "multi-mil earners" do you find there? Right--a pathetic *21* WFGers. Most of whom Aegon grandfathered in during the year 2001 when Aegon bought WMA and renamed this sleazy exploitative MLM to WFG. Angelous that's a whopping 21 folks out of almost 251,000 recruits and Life Licensed (LL) folks for that year. That comes to a vanishingly small *0.008%.*

Angelous, let's get real shall we? FACT: WFG pays you NO hourly wage or salary or gives you any bennies. FACT: WFG pays you a paltry 25% of commission or 35% if you sell terrible Transamerica products, especially the FFIUL that's virtually GUARANTEE to fail, costing your victims $100,000s. If you're going to "be your own boss" you're much better off with a non-MLM agency that pays you 70--80% of commission from Day One AND is more likely to have veteran agents who actually know the PRODUCTS to mentor you, not just how to recruit and sell trashy financial products. FACT: We see a *bigger* earnings gap in WFG than at your “J.O.B.” 17 months ago (27 Aug 2015) HuffPo ran a piece decrying the “outrageous” 204-to-1 pay gap between the CEO and rank-and-file workers, with 4 CEOs at the top of the list earning more than 1,000-to-1. We can put WFG right up there with the worst of them with its staggering *1,321*-to-1 gap. ($3m ring earners compared to the 99.7% who earn, on average, $2,272/yr.) So much for WFG giving you the fair shot at the big bucks your J.O.B. kept you from.

Bottom line, angelous: Will you please get a grip!? If you can't accept reality and prefer to keep to lie your sorry fraudulent *ss off, will you at least put more effort into it? Thanks for considering it.


if wfg is bad why they still in the map and people like you who bad mouthing the company do you have something else to do, have a life because in every business if you don"t work you will not succeed and i guaranty you that.that"s why if you did not go through with that company please dont bad mouth them all company are good it depend on the people who do the business and i know lots of wfg people who work hard is a multi million income earner because they help lots of people and work hard


Angelous please see my reply above. Thank you.


Your comment is ridiculous and inaccurate .


I appreciate your comment and your opinion, as it is a free country and it is one of our bill of rights to express yourself. However, when you say recruiting your family in your own business is a conflict of interest, I beg to differ.

If you had your own Mom and Pops business, is it a conflict of interest to have your family work with you and help you with your business? Owning your own business through a broker dealer is not an employment; in corporate America, it is a conflict of interest to work with relatives but not if you run your business. Second, not all business associates with this broker dealer is not as scandalous as you make it seem. I am sorry to hear that your experience is not so great, but there are thousands of people that WFG has helped.

Not only its associates but also clients. WFG is a broker dealer that represent several big companies that have been in the industry for decades. Fortunately, not all offices within WFG function the way you described it-there are still people with strong work ethics. Also, you've mentioned, "Pyramid Scheme." Pyramid scheme simply means that participants only make money by recruiting more members.

A financial associate through WFG makes money when helping clients with life insurances, annuities, IRA's, and etc. Also, if your career was unsuccessful with WFG, my first question is, did you become life, health, and accident licensed? It's like saying, you will practice nursing without having a nursing license; therefore, you will not have an income because no one will hire you without a license. Another thing, you mentioned WFG being bogus; WFG will not exist if it's fraud.

The Department of Insurance wouldn't allow this if that's the case. Compliance departments through the companies it represents are being regulated not only by FINRA but also SEC. You couldn't even obtain a security license if you owe IRS or have an existing bankruptcy. You have to go through an extensive background check.

Does this really sound bogus to you? There will always be bad apples from an apple tree. In every company, whether a fortune 500 company, you will always have representatives with poor work ethics and poor personal values. Though, it's not fair to say, that a company is bad due to this.

I'm pretty sure that if someone breaks compliance, commits fraud, and gets caught, I assure you that he/she will lose his/her license. This is not a tolerable act anywhere you go. It's punishable monetarily and jail time. I hope that makes it clear to everyone that reads the person's comments.

Prior to making comments about someone or something, it's advisable to gather statistics and obtain facts first.


Case of the Mondays. If this website had a delete option then I would have not have to be dealing with this issue.

Sometimes people need to vent ans usually forums allow the option of deleting your comments or posts.

I will look into it further, I've heard it is a good educational opportunity. Thank you for your input.


Anon, you seem to be at least somewhat heartfelt. But I feel compelled to correct your many mistakes.

First you say ”...If you had your own Mom and Pops business, is it a conflict of interest to have your family work with you and help you with your business?...” Anon this doesn’t at all compare to WFG independent contractors in which most of the benefit streams to the uplines. Plus in the Mom and Pop business you control your “book of business” i.e. your ongoing relationships with your clients. By contrast, when you leave WFG, your book of business, the policies you sold, this stays with WFG.

About growing in your business, moving up the pyramid, it’s not good enough for you to merely sell enough products and recruit enough people, you also need your uplines’ approval. You will find this clearly stated--twice--on page 8 in your WFG Compensation and Promotion Manual. Thus your WFG sales career is not so different from the J.O.B. in which you need your “bosses’” approval.

So Anon, the WFG structure causes you to lose freedoms and power of owning your own business yet still imposes on you home biz expenses like training, books, and travel.

Anon, next you say “... not all business associates with this broker dealer is not as scandalous as you make it seem…” Anon, I’m willing to believe there are a few good apples at WFG :-) But seriously, WFG corporate sets the stage for deceptive and unethical behavior. E.g. in WFG’s System Manual you read this: “Avoid the Scenario of Disaster.

*If you start answering too many questions*, it takes the edge off the prospect’s curiosity.” In other words, WFG encourages its contractors to *restrict information* to its prospects, both to customers and to fellow associates. My personal experience reflects this and more. My recruiter did everything he could--and succeeded--to keep me from reading the FFIUL policy, WFG USA/Transamerica’s flagship product. I asked him basic questions--like what are the guaranteed maximum fees?--and he couldn’t answer them.

And he *owns* this policy and locked into a high premium with surrender charges that extend out for a decade. The compensation structure encourages unethical and even illegal behavior in other ways too. It’s true WFG doesn’t directly pay you to recruit, but it awards points for you to recruit, and you MUST recruit to move up the pyramid, especially since WFG’s main products, the FFIUL and variable annuities, are usually not repeat sells. As my recruiter wrote to me “You have to see yourself as a “builder” [i.e.

recruiter] rather than a seller. How much can you sell?!” To make real money and to advance you have to recruit enough that you will almost certainly violate pyramid scheme laws.

Which brings me to your third error. You say “Pyramid scheme simply means that participants only make money by recruiting more members.” This is wrong.

Google “FTC Pyramid Scheme 1998” and you get this straight from the FTC: "Pyramid schemes ... promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program..., we bring cases against pyramid schemes under the FTC Act." IOW Anon, you can still sell product yet still violate pyramid scheme laws if you rely too heavily on recruiting.

Your fourth mistake: “WFG will not exist if it's fraud…” Maybe you weren’t in this country in 2006--****, but at that time many of the high and mighty corps--Lehman Bros, Enron, Arthur Andersen, all these titans fell from grace due to massive fraud. Little WFG may well get its turn soon enough.

And just because a company doesn’t get nailed doesn’t mean it didn’t behave badly. Just today Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $5B to investors to whom GS admitted it deliberately sold shoddy investments. And let’s not forget bad behavior from your own Transamerica, the issuer WFG’s flagship insurance policy the FFIUL. Google “Feller vs Transamerica” and you’ll read about a major class-action suit just launched against that insurer.” Thousands of Transamerica xUL policyholders will have, or already had, to cough up huge premiums or lose their policies.

Bottom line, Anon, just because a company’s big and been around a long time doesn’t mean it’s offering you a fair deal and even behaving fraudulently. Please do as much research as you can.

Anon your final sentence “Prior to making comments about someone or something, it's advisable to gather statistics and obtain facts first.” Yes, I agree with you! I fervently hope you follow your own advice next time so you will not write such error-riddled posts.


Wish this website would allow me to delete this post.

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