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I love how quick there are those to defend the system but no tangibles provided at all. no mention about how their products and services have helped others retire.

only defenses about the WFG sales system and structure. to that yo -yo who compared the anology about business with friends and family as being the same, the difference and the main difference is that no other business including your traditional family business goes out to sell producst/services while trying to recruit them to also sell the same products/services that you do. I know what youre going to say, you dont care about recruitment? right right.

im sure its not in your spiel and guide to financial heaven Step 1 books. another problem is that there are legitimate advisors and analysts today who have experience, who went to school, got their degrees and masters and certifications and licenses, but youre trying to tell others that your $100 applicant fee was all you needed to know be able to position and provided advice for someones retirement strategy? lmao, I laughed so loud at this. and lastly, pay attention and this is for those still in doubt..

find me one WFG successful participant or broke or whatever the *** you want to call yourselves, who wasnt successful outside of using friends and family as their core compensation foundation? lets be real, if WFG was so great and offered such amazing products- you wouldnt need to crawl and beg your Aunt Mary to sit in your living room to watch a 1 hour + seminar while you do your horse and pony show. oh and btw, as soon as they say - I used to be your average person working 9 to 5 till I join WFG, now looking at my (pointing to the screen) new house and car, i've never looked back.

thats when you get up and run. run far away.

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It's very scary that reps can make money long before they have any clue what they are doing. There are people that truly want to help others and take the industry and products very seriously within WFG, but these are few and far between, especially when everyone sees how much others are making by ripping off their own friends and family (without even knowing it). Wfg's only retirement solution for clients is if they recruit them into the business, because they know nothing about actual financial strategies for the middle income family.

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