fyi they are a scam ... had a friend whom was an "associate"

if i remember correctly. she and her husband were a few years deep and never made enough money. its based on getting people to sign up. i wanna say 7 years ago i went to a seminar and it was the weirdest experience. left within 20 minutes the speaker was entertaining but also spoke of how much money he made and showed photos of his cars and houses it was just funny, all associates stood in the back like a wall and as i left i had to file through them. weirdest thing ever ... i went and enjoyed sushi and sake lol

heard there are new owners meaning scam got broke down but now up under new name or dba..... def stay clear ....

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How are you going to say its scam, you didn't even join?

People like you, just like to judge by the cover.

There are a lot of agents associated with WFG.

The difference between you and the agents is the agents see the opportunity and they are ambitious, they have strong confidence. But people like you, obviously don't see the opportunity and are not ambitious at all, also you are not sure if you can make it or not, no confidence.

Some people don't make enough money, if they don't get any. You are pretty much saying that it's a scam because your friend didn't make enough money?

How *** you have to be to think you have to make money if it's not a scam. Go find any corporations out there pay by commission, and see if everyone make tons of money. No. You have to do what you have to do.

don't expect easy money.

Messed up mind set like you, *** me off.

I'm glad you didn't join WFG business.

to nobrainer Irvine, California, United States #886537

Looks like they have really sucked you in. Hope you haven't given up your Top 25 to your trainer before you are licensed.

That's the entire business model.

And you will be expected to recruit others and then take their Top 25. Most people drop out once that realization finally hits them a few months in.


I'm not in it too bc it did not work out for me but definitely not my experience as well.


These comments are one persons experience after attending one meeting they never saw the business an further more so many different offices with many leaders that experience would be different at another office different leader not my experience at all not even close

to Lonnie 9 #878212

exactly what happens when 30thousand new business owners-financial advisers a year worldwide are thrown as experts in a field where they are taking money for serious health or retirement needs.nobody accountable as most of them are just fly by night small 1 person business owners....get the drift!

no protection for the consumer at all!!

to Anonymous #878214

that is 30 thousands every YEAR get certified as financial advisers....Now do you see the turnaround rate of this so called business where everyone I guess Is making 6 or 7 figure salaries if we are to believe the pep talks from the top of the pyramid......

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