These people try and recruit others at discount malls like Ross, Target, TJMaxx. It's obvious that this is a scam because on what planet does someone come up to you and offer you a job and calls you multiple times for an interview!

The problem I have is that they tried to recruit me and my husband in front of our children. Big no! Please don't fall for their expansion gimmick, they are not hiring. It's multi-level sales and marketing, and if they get you into the office for an interview you're probably going to be aggressively pushed to sign something.

When you ask the rep that tries to recruit you, what company they really work for, rather than their sister company they keep mentioning, they stutter to say World Financial Group. I know why!

Once you research them you find out the truth of their operation.

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Reallly....... requiting at discount mall?


Anyway, here's the reality.

1. You are not an employee at WFG, you are an independent agent.

2. Everything an independent agent does is regulated by State & federal government.


You have to focused & disciplined to make money in this business (same applies to any other business).

If you think it's shady or scam, call Cops or FBI & give them their address. Otherwise, quit wasting time posting on internet & do something with your life.


This one lady invited me in for a seminar which seemed interesting to know more about. Once I got there and they started to explain what the whole thing was about it just didnt make sanse.

I mean it did but not really. Its like they were only telling you the middle of the story. I asked them questions that should have answered my misunderstanding but they just kept beating around the bush. It just didnt feel right.

Every one at the office seemed to have exactly the same state of mind. It seemed like they were all the same but different looking just like the agents from the matrix. I felt like I was joining a colt. I dont think they are a scam but they are definitely shady.

I dont know if you are maybe really good at finance and really love the finance industry maybe just maybe you will make it to the top.

In simple words its a legitimate non legit company. Go figure...

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