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Call job numerous times of day.Supervisor is rude.

She came to my house one day and laid on the horn. I was in tub and ran to see then she went to my neighbors house and laid on horn then came back to my house.

I complained on her and she wasn't supposed to deal with my stuff no more but when I went in to make a payment she said the other person working in there said I was accusing her of coming to my house laying on horn .She wasn't even supposed to bring that up.


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could you add some content to your complaint.I have neighbor who honk their horn excessively also.

what was this supervisor's title? what stuff did they handle? where are you going to make a payment? for what product?

person a honked their horn. person a said person b said you accused person a of honking horn. person a wasnt suppose to bring it up?

why would they bring up their own complaint?what are you talking about?

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