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I believe after having a great experience with World Financial Group that the people that post negative comments are the people who did not make any money working with the company. If you follow their system you become very wealthy

This reviewer shared experience about good quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall satisfied with World Financial Group. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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Uh, NO, Reseda guy. It’s about your willingness to kick your morals to the curb and vigorously and daily *screw over* your friends, family, and other customers by selling them WFG’s atrocious crappy super-pricey policies that could blow up on them years later.

But guess YOU don’t care about that do you?

So long as you get your shot at making loads of filthy green luchre?

How many pill you have to take get to sleep at night?


Hmmm strange you would look for a site that discusses scams to plead your point?! You ridiculous, slimy scums are on every scam site.

With all the money you claim that you are making in an ethical manner, you would think that one "successful WFG associate/business owner" doesn't have time to even bother themselves.


You are preying after innocent people and selling them sub par insurance that DO NOT protect the consumer. You encourage the young, naive, and uneducated people to sell these riduclous plans to their friend and their family. You make them believe that there is so much moneh within their reach all they have to do is believe.

NOW! An educated, experienced, smart individual understands that money earned is through honest and hard work.

You gain money buy making SMART investments and saving money earned. They understand that money does not grow on trees.

You are probably wondering why I am even on here. Its because your FAKE AND UNETHICAL company is in my hometown and targeting people I know that literally have no money and are desperate for a fairy god mother to come and save them.

I truly hope dearly that all of you get shut down.

I hope that one day an agency is created to where they expose and get rid if you ***.

The world will be a better place without you and your unethical slimy company. Trust me.


This company ONLY cares about filling the pockets of the "higher ups" and future filling of there pockets....NOTHING ELSE,not even there own employees,they have terminated groups of employees,whole departments with NO warning at all for employees that are pregnant,right before the holidays,Xmas,etc etc,and there are many many more examples...a greedy,cold hearted company


Are you kidding...another one that's brainwashed....OFFICIAL WFG NUMBERS FOR 2015 ARE 756 MILLION IN COMMISSION FOR 53000 AGENTS AND 197000 RECRUITS..

99.2% or 248000 of those 250000 will make on average 1200/year or 100$//month.So those are all the numbers you need...Sadly you've got it upside down as it takes all those that are still working but not making money to have those at the top 0.8% making over 50k.It's not about working hard...it's about feeding the top of the pyramid.

to Anonymous Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1130414

Awww snap.....*** just got real up in here

to Anonymous #1140440

Anonymous, I love your comments, esp these stats you give in WFG income. But where do you get these stats from?

Thanks in advance!

to William3 #1142002

You can get those numbers by piecing together and doing the math from their presentations. They will brag about the total commissions paid and the number of licensed recruits and they will also boast about the number of high earners at different income levels.

They never mention the reality for the majority.

They just want to sell the dream that few actually achieve.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1142139

Thanks Anon! Do you know where I can find 1) a full copy of the FFIUL policy?

Complete with real policy data? e.g. index floors and caps, maxes for the many monthly and "periodic" fees and charges in that ffiul? And 2) a complete explanation for WFG's compensation plan?

I'd love to take a look at these but to now can't find them anywhere in the web. Are there legal barriers to posting these here? We see plenty of disgruntled ex-WFGers.

You'd think someone would have put them up by now. Thanks.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1142231

Anon, you ever go over to insurance-forums dot net? Some interesting WFG stuff there. Including the lurid story of one young CEO.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1143531

Anon, you say “OFFICIAL WFG NUMBERS FOR 2015 ARE 756 MILLION IN COMMISSION…” If that’s an official WFG number, do you think WFG wildly inflated it?

If Aegon indeed owns WFG (a BIG if), that’d account for close to 40% of Aegon’s total non-investment revs! Which seems crazy high.

Globally, MLM sales are *less than a third of a percent* of total sales.

Total global retail sales in 2013 topped $21T (per emarketer dot com) while in the same year, total global sales for the top 50 MLMs totalled just $60B. (per networkmarketingcentral dot com)

For more analysis, see my comment to your comment in the Deb 8th review.

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