I had an continue to have great experience with WFG

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San Leandro, California, United States #904421

I still work here too, and I'm still loving it here.

And my family is in the business and those that aren't still talk to me so that's a good thing isn't it? People make so many assumptions without actually taking a thorough look first.

But there are some agents who either have no idea what they're doing or they get too greedy with everything they do.

Hawaii, United States #900152

Ha ha, I'm glad you have, and I bet at family reunions, no one wants to sit next to you.

Watts, California, United States #889679

WFG is scam man. The Beverly Hills office manager Chairman and CEO and Janiter Dan Chardier will pimp you into working for free, use your gas money up, your 100 bucks to join and cell to call and bogus classes at 45.00 a pop. The man is a pimp in a cheap suit flossing his old Rolex watch with his sleeve up so you see the gold ya Dig!

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