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California Labor Commission clearly states if an individual, or individuals or an applicant or applicants pay to obtain a job, then this is not in accordance with the law and is highly illegal. World Financial Group solicits people to come to meetings trapping them into giving anywhere from $100 to $20,000 to obtain a job.

This is illegal. There is no job. In fact, the people putting on the show, doing the meetings are without jobs themselves & everything to do with their promotions, soliciting victims to invest in their scheme known as scam. Anyone out there think about reporting them to the IRS??

Do not fall prey to their scams. Additionally, there should be no credit check fee to an applicant applying for a job and is an excuse to collect money from unsuspecting victims innocently who are seeking employment; naive enough to fall for such stunts.

Don't be desperate & don't fall for their pranks. They're not legal & nothing they do is legal.

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Goliath, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. WFG is not a JOB, it's a business opportunity much like becoming a real estate agent.

WFG is a subsidiary of one of the most admired corporations in the world known as AEGON.

There is nothing illegal and the company has helped many many families. As is always the case, only angry and uneducated people (people who think they should get a free handout instead of working hard to be successful) fly off the handle and complain about a legitimate company.


WFG is a business opportunity not a job. The problem is some people are employees and some are Business owners.

Which one do you want to be? WFG is a proven system that can be duplicated. It's not for everyone. It's for the person who wants to better themselves and the people they serve.

WFG is regulated by FINRA & SEC. There is no scam here.

No one ever promised me I would be a Millionaire. I do however work with 6 & 7 figure earners.


the $100 isnt buying a JOB its paying for overhead and lets you start a BUSINESS of your own. its comparable to opening your own Mcdonalds franchise but instead of paying a Million dollars, its 100.


I've never visited a WFG office that requires anywhere from $101-$20,000 to join the system. They charge a fee of $100 not for you to obtain the job, as your argument suggest, but instead to pay the overhead.

If you researched the system you may actually begin to understand the structure of the system. However interesting your claims may be, they are clearly wrong. The meetings are in fact training sessions, and not by any means a frenzy to feed on the "unsuspecting victims". The IRS is aware of the WFG activities, and once again your sources are invalid.

For you see the WFG is fully registered and compliant with all regulations. Though you must have missed this in your thorough examination of the system and the industry behind it. Emotional appeals to logic, as the type of argument you've posted, are in fact fictional based and solicits people into fear of a company that has done nothing wrong.

Learn to use facts and not emotions. Explaining the law, and then branching off into an emotional appeal doesn't work in the real world of results.

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