Friend got me involved in WFG. $300.00 UP FRONT FOR BOOKS I NEVER GOT.

THEN THEY WANTED ME TO TAKE OUT $ 100,000.00 of equity from my house to invest in China on a 4 option interest only loan ...........When I told this to my personalbanker they said GET RID OF THEM....!!!!!! .THEN WE WENT TO THEIR FINANCIAL classes which turned out to be a recruiting meeting. Good god, what a bunch of scam artists!

!!!!!! Talk about predators these people are scumm!!!!!

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Sacramento, California, United States #883151

If they advsd you to take out 100,000 from your bank that is crazy. You are lucky you didn't do that.

do your research and don't put all your eggs in one basket! These are independent agents who work for themselves, check their background, experience and education first. It's easier to get a license to sell! Do they actually know their products?

How much are the fees you would be paying? Do your research before you trust your finances to any agent! Check how long they been in business too. Have a lawyer read the contracts before you sign.

Remember what they are selling is legal and legit but sometimes it may not be the product that is best for you and sometimes they can misrepresent things. Buy a policy or invest what you can afford.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada #881206

If you went to a bank for advice you are a fool....the financial crisis America is in is primarily because of the banks. When people lost their homes the banks got them and the government bailout money too.

If you are satisfied getting 1percent interest on your money from a bank that pays their employees literally nothing then have at it. The banks use fear to control you and your personal banker has done quite well.

to Steve #881359

Umm no, it's because of all the handouts from the govt. to illegals and to people who do not want to work.

to Steve #901164

i'm sure you have equity in your small business to cover his 100 thousand if he loses out...at least the bank has some of it.if you only have a 1% return you just have it in a savings account.find yourself a real agent thru those banks,that back up there agents,not wfg that needs to change names every couple of years as the lawsuits get piled up.

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