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This group is a total scam. I was made to believe that I was only going to meet up with my cousin, who I have not seen in a while, for dinner.

Then this woman named Elizabeth started talking to me about this business. I should have been smart enough and said no then, but she immediately signed me up and asked me to complete some information. Next thing you know, it wants to charge me $100 to be licensed. After thinking about it, I decided that I just wouldn't have the time to do it and it's not really the lifestyle I wanted to live in.

I then texted Elizabeth and asked to get a refund since I will not be using or anyways. She then continues to talk me into staying and she tells me that there is no refund... $100 down the drain.

If they are rely here to help people, then they should know that the money they just charged me could have been spent some place else more important to me... Like grocery!

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada #872665

if you dont have money for groceries then this opportunity is for you . go make it happen and your groceries will never go down.

El Monte, California, United States #851246

I think people sign up for things that they like, or get motivated. What were you thinking whenshe was ttalking to you about it? You liked it but then regret it, it's your own problem.Hard to ssympathy


I have little sympathy for people who try to act like they were really convinced against their will, as I get the feeling you are doing. Having said that, what time period had elapsed before you asked for a refund? i am guessing you legally had 3 days to change your mind, but then I don't the laws in your location for sure and I don't know what you signed.


Why do you give her your information to charge you then? From my understanding, its like real estate license, you need to pay it out of your own pocket to have your own license and need to be sponsored and supervised under a broker. If I were you, just go back to understand what the heck they were doing, at least get something back.

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