Their entire business model is based on getting a clueless recruit to submit their list of the top 25 people they know and then using the recruit's relationship with these people to set a sales appointment.

They tell the recruit and also the target that it's 'field training' when it's really an opportunity for the 'trainer' to earn their reduced commission at the expense of the recruit. Most of the recruits never even ever get their license in the end but they just whored out their closest friends and family in the process.

Their game is all based on emotional manipulation by using the recruit to willingly leverage their closest relationships in order to get the sales appointment. The saddest part is the recruit isn't paid a dime from these 'field training' sales!! You can't make this stuff up folks.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #914083

A lot of heated competition causing all this hatred for each other. Think of it.

The entire financial industry is filled with people selling you financial security.

Even you own job does that through company sponsored 401k, life insurance, etc. Money is so fluid- your job is to find that product through that person you can trust to invest in.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #872637

did you ever get paid for trainings? why would someone spend his/her time to train you?

did you get paid while you were in school or college ,if you ever went?

its easy to blame someone over google but hard to act to learn and get trained. well i need not to spend time to make you positive since i have enough coachable ppl.

to gill #876516

I would think if I'm a recruit and doing 'field training' I would just go with an experienced WFG sales associate on one of their own appointments. Why use my own warm market??

Because that's how their manipulative business model works. You are beyond naive if you don't see this yourself which is why you are an ideal recruit.

to gill #886152

You spelled your name wrong, it should be 'shill'.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #871787

hahahahahahaha. you mentioned that field training....

where in the world you get free training for your own business ( subway , mc donald, burger king etc) , secondly you say lots of ppl never get license... well then that their prob not to listen to their trainer and get their head in that book...let me tell u one thing. ppl who make excuses stay like u .. be willing to learn and you will see the difference.

now the toughest question for all the ppl reading negative comments from this blog? wfg is groing on a rapid 30% annaully r u ?

to rinku #872243


The people selling these policy don't truly know the ins and outs of them. They sell a policy then they walk away, but can't explain the fine print of all the policies they are selling.

I've seen "trainers" get mashed by intellectual people asking in depth questions into their policies. It was said, they would mention all the benefits of the policy, but couldn't answer the clients questions. That's why they encourage you to sell relationship you have with them first, then the dream of making millions, or the nightmare of being old without money. Teaching people to make emotion-based decisions and not one's on logical and reason.

There are people struggling to pass their life insurance exams, but it doesn't truly matter to their higher ups, because they'll just steal their recruit's closest and best prospects. If your person who understand that this strategy and can sleep at night, by all means this is for you. If you're the person who likes pleasing the person that brought you in, give them your prospects and you'll see how much they encourage your progress.

Then all the hype give strategies on how to manipulate your future potential recruits, by avoiding certain words, phrases, and "just sell the dream." WFG grows because you have insurance brokers selling policy they don't know a lot about to friends and families through fear tactics.

You have this meeting where if people work hard enough one day they could being one the speakers, thus making them feel like they are important or special. If you could read a simple social psychology or persuasion book you'd see what it actually going on.

I take it by your lack of grammar, they way you spell, and sentence formation you probably work for WFG. I would hate to have a person like you in my living room trying to sell my a policy you clearly you would know nothing about.

Just sell the dream huh?

to rinku #876518

Where in the world would a company use your own warm market to 'train' you and then not give you any commission on the sale?? WFG.

to Lakers #879034


Try not to make sense in your comments or questions. Things like common sense and logic are like kryptonite to these WFG guys.

lol I think it's sad that these brokers have no clue as to what they are actually selling.

The stop responding when they realize that you know what's going on. Since they tell themselves they are making difference in people's lives, they can sleep at night.


I could not agree more with you evaluation. I tried to write what you said, but you said it way better.

I sat in those meetings for 3 months, and realized there are 2 kinds of people there. Some who get it, and some who don't. The one's who don't feel like they are truly a part of something special like church. Giving away their top prospects to the people who know what's going one.

I hated that my recruiter was mad at me for not cheering, and talking about WFG like I liked it. I didn't like it and there was no way I could look at a friend and say ... "Isn't this great?!?!?!" I would be lying to them and myself.

I feel bad for all the suckers who are offering their best sales to their higher ups, and all the people they recruit, giving away their recruit's best prospects. Glad I jammed.


Beware!! They also told my friend & I that we could do the certified California training at a discounted rate of 39.99.

Well I just looked at my bank statement & got charged 78.00 on top of the 100.00 for the background check! I was totally manipulated by T & he was "training" me how to manipulate friends, family & other potential victims!!

No thanks!! Ugh....

Seattle, Washington, United States #869645

I was just introduced to WFG like a week ago by family friend. I just want to know how this actually work because the fee is $125 and top of that you have to license through your state, for example CA or WA.

Is this really reliable?

Please get back to me regarding this because I am considering but I would like to know from the people who actually been in this business/entrepreneur.

Thanks for your responses!

to Jas Brampton, Ontario, Canada #871788

this is huge and ral , but 2 words have patience and be coachable

to Jas Brampton, Ontario, Canada #872639

trust your trainer. he cannot misguide you like these ppl who are fail in every field and have all the time to post negative comments.

to Jas #873938

This is how it works. Let's just say you don't have a license, your recruiter will ask for your prospect list.

They will use your name as way to make commissions off your best leads. Since you don't have a license, you'll just watch while they get all the commission. Once you get a license, you'll find someone else to join the company. You'll sell them the dream of making millions, or the nightmare of being old with no money ....

which ever gets the money from your client's pockets into yours. The person you bring in the company, you'll take their best leads too. You'll make money off using their friends and families relationships.

Here's the best part, you don't even have to know a lot about the life insurance policies you're selling. Just tell them all the nice things about the policy, but you don't have to know any of the fine print.

See, you're trying to use your recruit's relationship to get your foot in the door with your potential clients. This way they don't ask you too many questions, specifically the "what if" questions. WFG is a lot like religion .... logical, intelligent, or reasonable questions aren't good for sales.

Pretty cool huh???

I was with WFG for 3 weeks and saw tons of people giving up their best leads to the person who "trained" them and got nothing for it. Once they got their license ... it was all referral form their. If you're cool with doing this, and then doing it to other people ....

you'll fit right in. If you're interested in selling life insurance, go to the actual company, don't be a broker. At least you'll learn what you're selling.

But that's just me.


I should make a fair comment on this ~ if you just think of it as sale commission based job, every institutions or organizations have similar model or structure, it's the matter of how obvious it is or i should say how many percent of this kind of model blends-in.

WFG is not a scam, the greatest problem right now in WFG is many people are turning this model into pyramid scheme, which WFG originally wasn't having that tendency since beginning.

If you skip the pyramid scheme concept out and think of it as just purely business development, team building this in turns beneficial to sales culture, in fact a remedy to minimize the pressure within the sales teams. The leaders in WFG should giving more clear directions and strategies and let newcomers to understand and take the real advantage of this system.

If you stay in sales career long enough, you may run through lots of pressure, quotas reaching, yelling, etc... because you are doing all the sales by yourself. Especially in insurance industry, it is hard product to sell, compare to clothing, food (which is higher demand than insurance).

The easiest way to sell is through referral. See~ the day you are considering sales job, the day your brain shouldn't sense any structure that looks triangle is pyramid scheme.

I am not seeking argument in this, just share some ideas and comment so far i ve in this company for a year... insurance maybe not for everyone, so when you got interviews from any of the offices, don't just think of 100k, think of yourself are you an insurance person, is it suitable for you.

I have people in our office do earn 10k as soon as they join within 1.5 month.

This is because those people understand the system well and they are well prepared and ready on the day they start (like right on the dot). They actually do what the leader suggests and they all took the advices and do it.


Did you know that if you get license on your first attempt the company pays you. Coming in Wfg isn't a job. It's a business platform set for you to learn and teach to change lives 9733178770 for more information.

to Keyon #869453

They take 100 dollars to do a background check to see if you are safe to handle people's money. Were do all the dollars go.

You can get one on-line for nineteen dollars. I know for a fact of a person who has a criminal record "in training" with wfg. She also has repossed house, cars and cannot hold a job. Is this a person you want handling your financial future.

I think not.

If they try to get you involved run your own background check!

to lucy #869487

that 100 dollars doesn't goes to anyone, it s towards the company as franchise fee. Just like you are doing a business instead of investing 135k or more for franchise, you just pay 100 and you are all set to go.

The background check is included in that 100, you also have the web account access to use the tools and other lessons and schools for training.

The person you mentioned who has criminal record, did she lied during the eAMA (the application for sign up) because the application stated very clearly and have questions ask regarding to this matter.


to Keyon #869477

No, they don't do the cover any more. I went to WFG at Vancouver, BC office, EMD told me that wfg used to cover the license--- like long ago, but not today.

I just found out because my SMD in San Francisco he told me that he can cover my license exam for the first 90 days or sth, when I talked to the new office EMD like a week ago once i got to Vancouver, the EMD said there's no license fee cover any more, like the good old days culture is not exist any more. I don't care much about the license cost anyways coz it doesn't cost that much and whoever is really into insurance industry just get it by yourself before join and get ready to earn money on the day you just start joining.


Kirby vacuum dealers ask their new people to provide names and numbers of their closet friends/family/neighbors to try to sell to and get further referrals from. Scentura, the knock-off perfume sold in gas station parking lots does the same thing with potential hires.

Cutco Vector, the knife set distributors do the same with their new college kid hires. All these 'companies' are a major joke!

I know one thing, there will be a problem for anyone in my circle if they ever provide my contact details to these businesses. I don't deal with trash!

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