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I first would like to start my review with a link to another view of this same company that describes my experience almost to a "T".


I will only make a few changes, such as how I was approached and how I left.

I was approached by a nice lady one day while I was working. She says to me

"Oh, I see your a plumber" in a Filipino accent "I got some work for you"

I respond " That's cool, what plumbing issues do you have?"

she says " well... if you can meet me at my office at 7pm I will show you the work."

She wrote down the address and left.

So I was left thinking "okay, maybe there is some plumbing issue at her office and 7pm is when there wouldn't be any clients there so see me carry plumbing equipment"

When I arrived I was surprised to see an office full of people eager to shake my hand and meet me. I was thinking "great WTF did I walk into". The link above (even though it was at a different location) describe exactly what I saw. A suite with multiple offices but didn't look settled, like they are quick to move if need be. And every person I met had a rehearsed story about them selves and most of them kept saying "you'll love what you hear, just keep an open mind".

So the intro began and they are tell there stories about making 100,000-750,000 a year, but for some strange reason they still have a full time job some where. Struck me as odd. If I was getting that much cash doing work, I would do that job full time not part time and still run a nursery, work at a Starbucks, car rentals, etc.

Anyways, to make long and weird story short, while the newbies (which includes me) where getting the rehearsed power point I asked the guy if I could have a cigarette break, he said "sure".

I headed straight for my truck and never looked back.

The whole experience was weird, uncomfortable, and annoying. I didn't like how I was trick, I didn't like the phony smiles and the fake hand shakes.

Bottom Line

Don't waste your time, It seemed to me (just my opinion) that this was a pyramid scheme. Beware

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of marketing service. World Financial Group needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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WFG representatives not allowed to use bait & switch technique. Anyone caught doing so, should be reported to HQ


That lady do not represent what most of the (40,000+) WFG representative does every day.

Please do not judge WFG because of her action.It sounds like she was not properly trained.

an WFG representative do not need to mislead anyone to join as we do not get any financial benefit if someone joins.If someone is not ready to be an independent representative to offer financial product & service, working & trying them is a total waste of time.

San Jose, California, United States #962685

The way that person was not straightforward with her intentions was wrong.It is people like that who give WFG a bad rep.

However, there are other people out there who are not like that. I hope you find that right person to talk to that can show you the true mission and vision of the company.

It isn't for everyone.But for the right person or people, it can definitely change lives.


I was approached as they said they needed an interpreter. After that, same story. You can not just simply trick people like that.

to E. Mininnn #1002516

I'm part of WFG, and if I was approached in that manner, I would of ran away too.Far far away.

That was a bait and switch and is very much frowned upon in any marketing industry. I do believe that teams (groups) should be reviewed to make sure they are conducting business fairly and truthfully. It does hurt to hear all these complaints, but I'm here to make sure we don't make these mistakes. I do apologize, for what it's worth, to everyone that did not have a pleasant experience.

I just hope my experiences will not end up here. hehehe. Sales is not for everyone, so this opportunity may not fit you.

I'm more about helping people with their finances, and if someone wants to join I'm upfront with the process and details.Good luck to everyone.

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