I was lied to by WFG. I was misguided and I was told I could retire off a minimal life insurance premium. I was also never told about the high fees included in annuities, I wasn't even informed that annuities had fees, so even if you have a fixed annuity, you will still lose money towards fees. The stories I hear are endless, both from families being misled and misrepresented and from agents who joined and we're misled, misguided, and never trained.

Please contact write to the following email address of you were also a victim of WFG and/or Transamerica Financial Advisors and/or World Financial Group: wfgvictims@gmail.com

There's a group of people trying to gather victims so that this "no family left behind" scam ends soon!

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Hawaii, United States #900156

Confidence scams never change, they prey on greed and fear. There is nothing better in life then to produce something real, and to really serve a customer with goods or services that have actual and real value.


The problem is your statement is based on emotion. How you feel.

Your opinion. No one cares about how you feel or your opinion. We all know someone somehow that had a bad experience with something.

it does not make it ok to post your feelingson the world forum. State the facts and let the public decide for themselves.

Ex : I know someone that fell off a chair, I have fallen off a chair.

Chairs are bad they are not safe. If you have fallen off a chair please email chairsbad@youranidiot.com

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #872636

their is no scam . its a highly regulated industry and ppl get licensed from the state govt.

Anybody thinks that this is a scam and not for real. Ask yourself these questions . Did you do everything required? did you got licensed?

did you gave yourself enough time to learn the business? etc and so onn. No laws can stop this company from growing since they dont do anything beyond the law.

Its an equal opportunity for all only that some ppl act for success and some make excuses like you. good luck

to Gill #872933

World Financial Group LLC is the only best thing popping....So who ever said it's a lie need to follow instructions...

to Gill #874242

Gill, I used to work with WFG, and one of the main reasons why I left was because I sat in on a field appointment and watched a trainer get crushed. The trainer knew all the good things about the policy he was trying to sell, but when the girls started asking about the fine print, all the trainer's charisma, charm, and smiles turned into frustration and anger.

Why? Because WFG teaches to sell the friendship first; which you manipulate from using your personal recruit's name, but they don't teach the "ins and outs" of you the actual products your selling. You don't follow up with the policy, you just sell it and go on your way. You trying to defend the company by saying that people have to have a license is nonsense too.

You only need 60% to pass; which is sad too. It's not a scam, but the people working in it shaddy.

Just like religion, if a client starts asking too many questions that are logical, intellectual, or reasonable ... you just see the trainers crumble.

to Gill #874244

Then you have the audacity to call yourselves financial advisors ....... You memorize a script, but you never sat through a economics class, or even considered looking in Wall Street Journal. You know nothing of the financial game, just sell the dream of making millions or the nightmare of being old with no money.

to Dmoney Pomona, California, United States #875930

As a disclaimer, I've recently started with WFG as an associate.

Yes, the general training often focuses on helping people transition from employee mindsets to that of business owners.

However, there are product training sessions held in offices, there are webinars held regularly that are freely accessible, and we are also encouraged to call the companies directly and ask them to train us on their products on an individual level. (At least in my office--not all offices are created equal.)

The problem is that we are not employees forced to attend or pay attention to any of this. While it allows us the freedom to be awesome, it also allows us the freedom to be terrible representatives. It's hard to read these reviews, to have people spitting venom while lumping every associate into the same group.

Some of us have graduated college, thank you. Some of us do take the time to learn the industry. Some of us even came from the industry. Just not all of us.

The products are the products, and if the agents who sold them to you did not go over them fully, then you ought to report the agent individually, because we are all independent contractors who get the same education.

The California training clearly states (and repeats several times) that it is the agent's responsibility to make sure that the client fully understands the entire contract, including fees and risks. Don't blame the company; the state already attempted to train the agent in ethics.

to Dmoney #884177

I was a WFG Associate, the training is worthless. The real training they offer is motivational based.

Most WFG agents are under-educated, a very high percentage.

Most agents have no clue as far as how the economy and the products really work. They are no knowledge of details... Most don't even know that annuities have fees and/or what those fees really are. They try to sell a life policy as a retirement vehicle?

That's a joke... They don't understand the details of a 7-pay , an annual pay and the correlation with a modified endowment contract.

They have no clue as to tax consequence, lapse conditions, time restrictions etc...

Why I say "They" I'm referring to over 95% of the agents. Good luck trying to find someone will a real financial background to give you some solid advice.

to Ex ***ociate #930250

Hey, I have a question. I want to know if you quit, are you worrying about your SSN? Since I know that they took the SSN to do some background check

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