I joined in WFG two years ago, one of the lady SMD use my credit card to book ticket for me and for one other person with out asking me, after noticing transaction I called her she told "it is your business you should go" I asked why you book for another person by my credit card she told she will give money back but she did not give me money back until 8 months, she always threatened me when i asked money stating "I am lady you can not ask and you can not do nothing" lastly she gave me only 425 dollars out of 1208 dollars transaction from my card, they are theft, fraud, they are cheating honest person, please do not enrolled in WFG and be careful from these fraudulent people, do not give credit card and SIN number to them, they will misuse any time, do not believe you friend, your friend might involve to them to cheat you and misuse your card and your personal information, Nepalese are cheated from some Nepalese, be careful when purchasing insurance, and any other product from WFG, there is a gang with wfg fraudlant members, I am one of the sufferers from WFG members. do not believe your best friends he/ she will cheat you in the name of wfg.

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Your lady friend should be reported to WFG HQ. sorry for this negative experience, this does not represent WFG or other 40,000+ agent all over US & Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #968970

Definately call but you may also contact the office in Edmonton and speak to their upline. It sounds like you are new to canada.

Dealing one on one when people do this rarely works you need to go above them and if that doesnt fix it in a hurry call your CC company and file a complaint to dispute the charges. They will put the onus on the person who charged you to prove that the charges are valid.

Aurora, Illinois, United States #967288

So it seems as it's the person who recruited you that was the problem not the company or its services. Why didn't you report them to headquarters office in Georgia?

This is something WFG will not tolerate. Did you file a fradulant complaint to the police?

to Anonymous #976386

You are right, it is a going of one person not the company. Why are they tarnishing the name of WFG?

Looking to all of the complaints, I don't see one that will sway me out since I recently joined in. It's either it was not thoroughly explained to them and they don't see the whole picture, or plainly they don't quite understand the whole scenario.

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