so, I have taken the time to read through many of the responses/complaints listed on this site....something I rarely take the time to do! I stay away form online criticism as it basically boils down to simply ones opinion and personal experiences.

By trade, I am a Psychologists. I was recently introduced to this business and jumped right in! My experiences have been nothing but positive. Like any opportunity in life, things are what you make it.

WFG is not a JOB, it is an opportunity for someone to own their own financial business. I have never been mislead regarding the costs to become licensed or to enter the business. We have the opportunity to market and sale the products of some of the largest insurance companies in the world. If WFG is a scam, then the multi-billion dollar insurance companies are scams as well.

Give me a break! I tell you, one of the most expensive things anyone can own is a closed mind!!! WFG is a dream come true for anyone looking to earn a great income while providing families with excellent products. We do not make money off recruiting.

If I decided to not recruit anyone, I could still make money by the products I personally sell. Open your minds people. Do not be held captive to the opinions of others!

WFG is the best thing that ever happended to me!!!! Stay well people!

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World Financial Group (WFG) has a mission: to help people from all walks of life build a better future. Through our business platform, we have removed the barriers that have kept people from achieving the dream of owning their own business, and our associates prove each day that, by helping others achieve their goals, success just happens.

You can be a part of that success.

As a WFG associate, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The company’s world-class platform offers all the tools and resources you need to hit the ground running and build a financial services business that can help change the futures of thousands of families and generations to come.

This platform, coupled with your willingness to learn and determination to succeed, can help you start a new career and own your future. If WFG is a Scam Its Because everone says its a scam, Have an Open Mind and Find a Location near you we would be glad to talk to you and Welcome you to one of our Presentations and will answer any question you may have regarding WFG,

to WFG America Orange County, California, United States #999577

Its funny you tell people to have an open mind - why dont you take a look at a lovely conversation between a current WFG employee and myself from YESTERDAY.

http://world-financial-group.pissedconsumer.com/conversation-w-wfg-employee-stateing-anti-american-views-20150625656016.html here is the link to the screen shot of the lovely conversation (not) - yes i am aware stating is spelled wrong

Columbus, Ohio, United States #875126

If you are a psychologist you would, presumably, (hopefully), know how to spell, and use proper grammar. It also begs the question as to why you would take the time to post a comment regarding this company, not to mention why you would get involved selling insurance if you have an advanced degree.

Either you are A) not a licensed psychologist or B) incompetent, both of which explains the reason you posted the comment to begin with. Thank you for your post because now I know not to get involved with a company that can't even post intelligent and verifiable comments in response to the overwhelming bad reputation both WFG & FFG has!

to Jim Stockton, California, United States #941342

Plenty of wfg agents are Dr.s, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Many agents have degrees like their bachelors, masters and doctorates, BUT they still work under an employer.

To run their own practice in these fields requires a great deal of initial expenses to start up plus the responsibility for any possible risks. WFG offers a more flexible schedule for part time and building your business is no where near the thousands of dollars invested in starting up a practice. If you were properly educated in the medical field, insurance agencies and other financial service providers you would understand much better.

Oh yes, before I forget.

I know people two people that work for NASA, both spent 8 years at CalTech... And their SPELLING is awful.

NASA, ok? Don't judge one's intelligence on their weak subjects, they may be excellent mathematicians or vice versa.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #786427

You can google any company and come up with negativity...if that is what you are looking for. WFG is a great company for people who want to run a business.

If you are employee minded and don't want to change, it is not for you. WFG is changing the way the financial services industry works, THAT IS WHY THEY RECRUIT. Jobs recruit, universities recruit, the arny recruits, lol. WFG sits down with everyday people and helps families.

They have access to over 140 companies so they can offer you something you can afford based on what you say you need.

As opposed to those with quotas and limited financial products, who have to convince you that you NEED their product. Stop being afraid and see for yourself.

to thinkerdoer Columbus, Ohio, United States #875131

I agree thinkerdoer, if you want to make money with a MLM organization where the money being made is by pumping up people with dreams of a career and a decent income by recruiting them to recruit others to recruit others to recruit others...well I guess I get the point. You don't want to make money doing the hard work and spending countless hours educating yourself to be a real working agent and being a credit to your profession and community.

You need to recruit other people to get their family & friends to buy in, not so much by protecting their families with top-notch advice, consultative planning and needs analysis, (although that gives you your cover story) but by recruiting other people.

You should be ashamed but people who scam others have no shame of course and have no conscience. You have no qualms about defrauding you fellow humans.

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #637855

I actually represent a different company with a much different strategy than wfg. the reason I came to this page was because I have ran into people complaining about this company.

I also found out that 5 of my friends were apart of the company. the problem people are having is that they do not completely understand the way life insurance works especially universal life policies whome I am completely against. the problem is not with wfg as a company its the product. I have read these threads and came to the conclusion that the people complaining never understood the way whole life policies work and it seems to me that the reps selling the policies didn't either.

To pay a policy for the remainder of your life is ridiculous. the cash value does take about 2 years to start accumulating as is normal with mos whole life policies do to the fact that the first 2 years goes to commissions and fees (front load). I work different buy term invest the rest (10%-12% returns on investment). and most people don't need life insurance for the rest of their life.

I don't know how wfg works but I paid in $99 for my application fee that went to the state. and have not paid a dime for training material classes or licenses. I got life licensed, series 6,63,65 securities licenses all within 3 months and it didnt cost me a cent. my training meetings are about investments not about recruiting.

the problem here I belive is the lack of rep. education. I am a frim beliver that if im going to do something I do research and learn all I can about what I am doing.

I don't belive in wfg's product or any whole life companies product BTW wfg is not the actual insurance company. keep your insurance and investments separate, these whole life policies are extremely expensive and the rates of return are unrealistic.

to javie13k Monterey Park, California, United States #637915

Javie13k, you're obviously a member of Primerica "termites" . Primerica sells only its own term life insurance policies and started the whole business of "buy term insurance and put the rest in mutual funds." Honestly, it revolutionized the insurance industry at the time, and the philosophy is actually very sound, right up to the point where you add people. "Invest the rest" is excellent advice, but most folks never even check the statements on their 401k's, much less follow/understand enough about the market, portfolio diversification, etc., to do their own investing with any competence. People who "invested the rest" in 2000 and then looked at their portfolios in 2010 found that their portfolio had not only gone nowhere, but was probably down a percentage point or two after 10 years of those Primerica-suggested "10-12% returns." Add to that what they lost to 10 years of 3-3.5% inflation, and you have a retirement disaster.

WFG (and TFA) doesn't represent a limited viewpoint on financial products. We have hundreds of companies to choose from and thousands of products. We not only sell term life where it's appropriate (and it often is), but we also offer indexed and variable universal life products which are a far cry from the old days of whole life insurance (which Primerica folks often lump together with modern indexed and variable products, but which have little or no relationship with each other). Simply investing in a mutual fund or two doesn't diversify your portfolio these days, and without tax advantages, those 10-12% claimed gains don't grow tax deferred, and the returns themselves are taxed, reducing the actual amount you have to spend dramatically. Indexed Universal life allows folks to participate in the market without being part of it; when there are market gains, they benefit, and when there are market losses, they lose nothing (they just don't *gain* anything that year). Imagine missing out on the 40% market drop in 2008 (or actually gaining a percent or two). Your $1M pot would NOT have dropped to $600K, and you would NOT have needed a 60% (that $400K loss is 66% of what you have left) total gain over the next four or five years in order to get back CLOSE to what you had. Indexed life products allow tax advantages on growth (tax deferred) and tax advantages on withdrawals that no ordinary mutual funds can (when they may be needed most). Primerica folks have decided FOR you that you don't need insurance to handle debt, replace income, handle mortgages, etc., once you're past about 60 years old (and buying term life insurance at those ages is almost impossibly expensive, so they simply throw up their hands and walk away -- they have absolutely nothing to offer you). That's fine if you're expected to die at age 70 and have no interest in leaving an estate for your family. Thanks to the Primerica philosophy, the greatest fear that most folks have these days upon reaching retirement is no longer fear of death, but the fear of outliving their money (61%). If that doesn't jive with what you're thinking, Primerica has nothing to offer you. From a client viewpoing, WFG/TFA has everything Primerica has, but additionally offers a FULL range of insurance, annuity and investment solutions and financial products.

But wait, there's more. If you're really a "firm believer that if I'm goign to do something I do research and learn all I can about what I'm doing," javie13k, you'd have already learned that selling term policies and the occasional mutual fund is not going to provide much in the way of personal production income. By offering a FULL slate of products to families and allowing them to decide what's best for them (rather than telling them what the company philosophy insists on), you have far more opportunities to produce on a personal basis, and your recruits and business associates have a much better chance of making money not only for themselves, but for you as well (overrides). I'd advise you to open your mind and do the research one more time; you'll probably find that while Primerica was a great "beginner" company, it's largely become a dinosaur these days. Good luck!

to javie13k #693744

I agree with some of what you said. Unfortunately you are not up to date about how good the newer pernament insurances are.

There are policies that have the option of not paying past a certain age because the cash value takes over. It is basically "buy term and invest the difference in one product". The investments within the product can be the same as the investments you can get separately now. Unfortunately I run into alot of people that tried to "buy term and invest the difference" and failed to invest enough.

Then life happened and are retiring with mortgage debt and without insurance because either the premiums got too expensive to maintain or the term ended. By the time they get into retirement, well, they can't retire. "Buy term and invest the difference" strategy is not for everyone.

World Financial Group attempts to educate people of that fact and, if "buy term and invest the difference" is appropriate, structure it so that, should perament insurance be required later, convert the term policy. That way, whatever is right for the client happens all the way through their lives

to javie13k Columbus, Ohio, United States #875134

What total ***! Even Warren Buffett can't get 10-12% return you ***.

And if the people posting negative comments about the products didn't understand what they were getting into it wasn't their own fault, it's the representative fault because of incompetence and malfeasance when selling an unsuitable product for that individual.

Oh and by the way, if getting a life license and the securities license didn't cost you a cent you don't have those licenses.


People normally pay me for this and you are gvniig it away!


I think she is very well equipped to succeed in the future!


I just wanted to share my experience, I work with WFG and am still part time. No, I am not mega rich, and I don't expect to be in the near future.

Basically, all I want to say is see how it goes for you personally because, like any industry, it is not perfect for everyone, and definitely not everyone is perfect for it. As far as being just a salesman, that is a choice you can make.

World financial group agents can choose to focus on personal production or they can focuse on building a team. Many other businesses have a focus on recruiting and training, so I am unsure how that would classify it as a pyramid scheme... Real estate does the same thing.

In Canada, in my office specifically, we are encouraged to recruit only those who want to become a part of the business and are coachable and ready to learn. I can't, obviously, speak for other offices or the work ethics/business practises of other offices around the world, so please just consider that blanket statements are not likely to prove your points.


WFG is a PIG (Networking Networking to the core) and are not Independent Financial Advisors or real financial planners. Period!

And people wonder why WFG folks will use any other name but WFG to associate or represent themselves, ie Transamerica, AEGON, World Group Securities, Investment Advisor International, etc., etc.

to A Pig is a Pig however you dre #693746

World Financial Group is a Financial Marketing firm owned by AEGON and partnered with Transamerica, State Farm, Nationwide and many other financial firms so that they can offer a full range of financial solutions to families. In Canada, our products from from TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, Manulife, Transamerica Life, Equitable Life, Franklin Templeton Investments and many more companies.

We are licensed professionals governed by either the State or Provincial authorities as well as other industry regulators. We don't use "other names to represent ourselves", we are clear of where our products come from. We don't owned any products. Our products come from the industry...the companies we partner with.

Please open your mind and do some research.

Check out the August 2013 issue of Forbes magazine and www.researchwfg.com. You make yourself look like an *** when you are critical and don't know the facts behind your opinion.


At 25 years old, I was recruited, trained and licensed within about 6 months. In that time, everyone I knew got harassed by my "training upline." When all was said and done, I held a series-6 & 63 securities license, and a life and mortgage license as well. I wrote 2 mortgages and a $16 million IRA rollover all in the same month, and my branch office manager stole 100% of my commission by returning with new paperwork that conveniently lacked my information, and was replaced by his.

When you have your own financial service business, there is no one to rob you of your commission. No one bothers your family and friends. You don't get forced into paying someone else's rent. Don't be mislead or misleading - this is NOT you own financial serviced business. If you doubt, try creating your own advertising with WFG anywhere in it, or create your own financial product. If you owned that business, you could. In WFG (formerly WMA), you will loose everything you have worked for.

Good luck with that.

to Dr.Ken Portland, Oregon, United States #620215

I am sorry that you had such a terrible experience. Whomever was in your upline that stole your commissions was a very bad egg and you should try to bring legal action against them, so that no one else will ever have to go through what you went through.

As for the advertising regulations, they are an industry regulation.

All agents of all insurance companies must used approved advertising resources to prevent the sharing of fraudulent or misleading information. That information is in the training material and tests you took for your licenses.

to Dr.Ken #693750

I am sorry you had such an upsetting experience. I can not speak for the office you worked in or the people you worked with.

There are good and bad in all sections of society. I do know my own experience. I started with World Financial Group a few years back (in Canada). I didn't know many people because I had just moved here.

Despite that, I still made money. I was able to advertise by submitting ads through the office compliance officer for approval - it is their reputation on the line right? I personally believe that this is better than being totally on my own in business because all the payroll is done automatically, as well as all the product provider contract and back office stuff. I choose my own hours and get paid for the efforts I put in.

It has not been easy and I've enjoyed it tramendously. I am proof that what you experienced doesn't happen to everyone. I will own and will my business to my family eventally when I've succeeded in building it big enough. Check out the August 2013 issue of Forbes magazine and www.researchwfg.com for additional proof that World Financial Group as a company is not as bad as what you went through.

Again, Sorry you had such a bad experience. From my experience, that should never have happened.

to Dr.Ken Stockton, California, United States #941346

That's very unfortunate. Although you were new, why would you let your "manager" submit your clients' documents without you present?

Your client trusted you with their financial analysis and you left it in the hands of your "manager." This cannot be accurate. Licensee codes are on documents signed by the client.

This is obviously a lie. And commission on a rollover is usually 6-8%, I definitely doubt this is a true story.


My father makes over six figures with WFG and he has worked since I was born in the business. In the beginning, he worked part time with WFG as he was a civil engineer and was making more at that job than with WFG.

It took him about two years to surpass his Engineering job's income and then went full-time with WFG. All of my father's agents were at one point part-time before going full-time themselves when WFG started surpassing the income from their "real" jobs.

It's all about the work that YOU, personally, put into wanting to be successful in the business that gets you to be successful or a failure. He's a "CEO MD" btw.

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