World Financial Group agent Alborzi is the biggest scam on the face of the earth. They will cheat you out of your money like there is no tomorrow.

Do not do any business with them. They will trick you into signing up with their life insurance/investment products. They make it seem very easy but the devil is in the detail which they won't tell you. When you find out then it is too late to get out of it.

They will keep your money and you will have no recourse. I have never seen crooks like these people.

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LoL, more professional? For being in the investment world for more than "30" years you surely do have very unprofessional written English grammar.

The company has a reputation for working under a somewhat scam like model, so I wouldn't call this rant unprofessional, but more like TRUE.

I just left a "job interview" for "financial educator" with this company. Within the first 3 mintues I knew exactly what type of multi-level marketing scheme this was. He dances around with words like "make millions", go to "Hawaii", earn "thousands" when you sign up other people.

Never really talking about the actual "insurance" that is to be offered to customers. That, is how you know this is multi-level marketing retard game.


Hello I have read the information but I like to know How I can put my own comments about World Financial Group, or Aegon. I have worked for them shortly and wanted to put a report in Googles for everyone to be aware and stay away from this company?


Well!! I have never read a review as non professional as this one.

I bacame a client of one of the companies that World Financial Group is offering. the person who helped me to arrange my assets was a very honest person. Actulaly he managed about all of my assets, in forme of protection, retirement and also rollovers and...Thanks to him, during the crash on August I didn't loose any money, but my friend that i was telling him to roll-over his 401k and he didn't listen to me lost $75000 and then he decided to listen to me. Anyway, I don't know what was happened that you are so obssesed.

Is that the agent's fault, your fault or maybe you are not famillier with the investement word. As far as I know World Financial Group doesn't have any product they are working with hundreds of well known companies, such as Transamerica, Prudential, PAcific lige, ING and Western reserve life. I know there are more but me and my family are using this companies. Nest time when you want to write a review please be more professional.

I've been in the investement world for more than 30 years and I know that they are working with integrity, if not FINRA, will punish them. Any way Sir/Madam.

be more knowledgabele. You can not judge a compant based on one person's work, even if you are right.

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