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World Financial Group is a straight up scam. First they ask you to come to a meeting about a possible job in the insurance industry. Then when you get there you see it is nothing about a job, but rather is a whole bunch of people hopping around and spouting off about how much money they make.

Secondly, you will be asked to make and appointment for an interview for a position with the company. This is not an interview, but really is a bulls*** session where they ask you about your life goals and then try to use those goals to trick you into giving them money.

Thirdly, they will ask you to come back for a training session. When you get to this supposed training session all you hear is more garbage about how much money you COULD make, how you need to pay them money for certification and a background check and fingerprints, and how you need to bring in three to five recruits a week.

This is not a job. This is a scam. Do not give the representatives of this company any money. If you need a job go interview with a company that does not ask you for money, or invest in an education for yourself.

I never once gave this company money. I went to three of their 'meetings' to see what they had to say. Never once did they offer any type of training. Never once. They did, however, ask for money each time.

In the meetings that were supposed to be training sessions they never gave insurance training of any type, no real information. They did love to tout how their affiliation with big name companies like Hartford was real. Good for them, but association with legitimate companies does not make them legitimate or any less of a scam.

The individuals who run these little meetings that are supposed to be training sessions love to repeat how their company is not a scam and is valid because they are in a heavily regulated industry. They love to claim that they have very few, if any, sanctions or fees brought against them for misconduct and misrepresentation.

This is simply not true. Lookup their company record, especially look up their company record under their previously listed company names. You will find many inconsistencies with their claims and find some to be outright lies. Wikipedia has great information on this.

My best advice to you, other than to NEVER give these people money, is to agree to go to some of their meetings. Go. Take notes so you can remember what to look up on the internet later on. Write down the claims that they make and check them out. Look up written opinions and financial reports on this company as you research them.

Be sure to read information that is FOR this company as well. You need to hear the good things people say about WFG. You need to read and hear their success stories and RESEARCH them. This will give you a better picture of how people are brainwashed into this company.

You will find that getting straight answers is extremely difficult. Seriously, go to a couple of their meetings and you will find out. Of course, don't tell them you are simply checking out their scam. Just go and listen. Check out EVERYTHING they say and claim.

They will also talk heavily of how so many people think their company is a scam and how these people are only naysayers who don't want to make money. Listen very carefully to how they speak about people who do not like the company and who try to prove it as a scam. They will give every excuse from people being vindictive and subversive, to people being lazy and not really wanting to make money.

But don't take my word for it. Go. Go to a series of these meetings. Take notes. Do not give them any money. Have a really good laugh at a really good scam.

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London, England, United Kingdom #1103829

Paying for financial advice is like paying someone to go to the toilet for you. Do your own financial planning - or don't do it at all!

Oxnard, California, United States #1052030

Honestly, All the time and money spent in this company, I was able to get it back, as I got my state license (so its a legit) I was able to do business and earn more, the person who ask you to join don't get paid if you join (so it's not a pyramid scam) You should get a good training and study more to get a state license so that you could earn more, the more license you have the more money coming in....


That is so true everything he's saying is an absolute fact. I have friends that are with the company for a couple of years now they haven't gotten out one penny from the company.I'm pretty sure I persuaded them by doing research on the company and realize all the money they're spending on driving around to random places listening to bogus stories.gosh people wake up if it sounds too good to be true it usually is I guess you could say it's just a hunch I have in common sense plays a big part in it

to Anonymous #1421983

There's no way you can be in a company and not make any money. It's either they couldn't pass the state license exam or have no leadership.

to Anonymous #1422001

Anon #1421983, please get a clue. You're not "...in a company..." You don't earn a salary.

You're merely a contractor.

And yes, the vast majority of folks who join WFG *lose* money. Often LOTS of it. In addition to the sign-up fee, you have to pay monthly mandatory E&O insurance payments, gas and other travel expenses, etc.

Most of all, you have to pay high premiums on a dangerous IUL policy, esp Transamerica's FFIUL, that your uplines pressure you to buy.

The IUL is a life insurance policy that's designed to FAIL in a few decades, stealing many thousands of your dollars.

Dear reader. Please do yourself a major solid.

Please stay far FAR away from WFG.

Thanks for reading this and the best of luck to you.


Look Like a scam to take your harden money you saved how they can give you more interest then your you get from reputed banks where at least your money is secured think deeply about your harden money as you work for it Thanks


You're full of bull****. That's very far from the experience I've had with the company.

Maybe you just got a bad team. The team I am with is ALL about serving the needs of clients and training for reps is provided EVERY day, except Sundays.

You can play for the White Sox, or the Cubs. Apparently, you got the Cubs.


First of all anyone who wants to get licensed in anything had to pay down their licensing themselves. Rarely will a company pay for it, unless it's a corporation like Walgreens who will pay their pharmacy techs to get licensed for the first test and any other tests they have to pay.

I'm a licensed medical esthetician and had to pay almost $27,000 plus I have to pay seprate payment for my license. If you want your real estate license you have to pay for it. No one else will. This opportunity is for an Entrepreneurship which means if you work you make money and you invest in your own business and be your own boss.

If you join and don't work then obviously it was a waste of money. Some people want to work for other people and make other people rich and some people want to make themselves rich. If your scared to talk about your business then of course an entrepreneurship is not good for you.

Some people go to school for years to do finance and are in debt to school loans and may also work for a company that could lay them off for various types of reasons and take most of their commissions. So in reality this is only a scam to people who don't have the work ethic to make their own money and build their own business.


Whoever wrote this message are very uneducated. You didn't even give yourself a chance to try to understand the company and you wrote about the negative issue.

How can a company teach you how's money works, teach how to save money for your families and futures, teach how to plan for your retirement, teach how to pay less tax, teach how to invests your money, teach how to save for your kids college planning, and etc. would be a scam. All of the associates needs legal license from the state in able to do the business!!!!

For your information, You will not be successful in your life, you will be like a rat that who just work with pay check to pay check. I felt sorry for you.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #995250

you are part of same group I knew it. Get life without harming or troubling others, spread happiness not the fear and stress; if your business is legit, when I say "NO", you should be insisting like arrogant. Don't waste my time I just said "NO", so it's a "NO".

Fontana, California, United States #963162

Wow... You figured out the the big scam...

All the people showing up to offices to run a business. All the thousands of people helped. Really??? We use smoke and mirrors to scam people into starting a business of their own..rather than work a dead end job for the rest of their lives.

More smoke and mirrors of office leases, office staff, computers, desks, chairs...just to scam YOU and other people into believing they can make money or be somebody. Sounds like your so skeptical on everything you see that you can't get past yourself. Thanks for figuring us out. Are you proud of yourself?

Cant run our business so you decide to write bad things. Loser!

to Anonymous Santa Clara, California, United States #968594

lol......i love WFG. I've learned so much ever since i've started this business in November 2014..THey teach me nothing but making money and learning how to make money working for me..Go WFG...

to Diane Trinh #968855

don't forget to pay your taxes on those millions that come directly from the $$$ you take from your family and friends in fees..Please say thanks to all your clients for skiming most of there profits.


This doesnt even sound real....who would allow this person into 3 meetings without already being an associate? I've been with the company for almost a year, and have yet to be asked for my fingerprint...?


What is so "brainwashing" about motivating others to better themselves?

Oh yes (the kicker), you chose Wikipedia as a reputable source for info? This alone should make you guys question everything he/she has stated.

to Anonymous #964388

Have you ever seen so many posts from wfg business owners being so frustrated because people will stay poor....WHY??? Because the problem is they need the poor and gullible to help with there base of recruitment.This is not a normal business where only the best and experienced financial advisers are hired....nope..i think if you can speak and be brainwashed you are perfect for this business and nobody except those that have a criminal background will not be hired...that's it!

Winter Haven, Florida, United States #905481

When I see people who put stuff on the internet whit no idea about what they are talking about I like to laugh in their face. I have been with the company for a while and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

The on thing that this uninformed person said that was true, is that people are lazy. It seems like this person expected a lot but didn't want to put any effort in to it. That's fine, no big deal, but when he is broke and paying a ton of taxes living paycheck to paycheck. They wish they would have listened.

By the way you don't pay the co. for finger prints or license you pay the state.

Just like a real-estate license. Get informed make a educated decision don't pop off at the mouth about something you don't know or don't understand.


Lol this *** says its a scam never once actually took the leap and tried out, bro where i work they train like crazy...your crazy people like you will never be rich because your scared to take a risk...a loser mentality sorry man a guess a desk job is whays for you

to nice Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #899490

Sorry for the spelling mistakes the lgg3 is a *** to text on...


I actually own the product and so do other people I know. I also know several people who are doing extremely well with the company.

I think that it takes a small person to judge a company because there protocol is not the normal boring traditional boring corporate America way. If it does not work for you than fine .....

But how can you call something a scam if you don't own the product or never worked for the company???? As I tell my kids you can't share big dreams with small people!!!!

to CC #874052

the "wolf of wallstreet" sounded just like you, cc.

a scam is a scam is a scam. and anyone with an ounce of brain matter can see it from a mile away.

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