I receive between 5-6 phones calls a day from this company. I had just checked my missed my calls and I missed 32 phone calls in the past 4 days. Two were actual people I knew. I don't know who they are or have anything to do with them. If you go to their website there is no place to "Contact Us".

When they phone, there is no one on the other end and if you hang up right away they immediately call back.

I do wonder what would happen if you actually did know them or owed them money.

I just wish they would stop calling or that there would be some where that the phone calls could be blocked.

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No one would ever owe World Financial Group. They have no products and their primary focus it to help families get out of debt, save for their future and protect their families from financial hardship should something happen to the breadwinner. They recruit so that they can reach more families to help

to Anonymous #758667

oh stop the lies. are they paying you to post this stuff?

to Anonymous Montreal, Quebec, Canada #798111

Get out of debt ? are you kidding...

you put people into debt.

You prey on the weak and vunerable. Any company that is afraid to tell you who they are before you can meet with them has obviously something to hide.

Temple City, California, United States #597851

You've got the name of the company wrong. You've been getting calls from World Finance, but you're trashing World Financial Group, which is a marketing company for Transamerica.

World Financial Group doesn't loan anyone money. Wrong company.

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