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They give you line of credit for Google Adwords account, They bill you but will not pay Google, Google will ask for their funds within 24 hours, You paid them & have to pay Google. You will not get your money back from them, A real sweet swindlers.

If you do not pay them, They will go around and cancel your Google Adwords campaign, You can request to re install your Adwords campaign but it will take 3 months, Meanwhile you will lose out, If Google or others call you about line of credit, Just hang up the phone, Save your self a headache. Stay away from World Financial Group for the Google account.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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What are you talking about??? World Financial Group does NOT work with Google, as far as I know. Maybe you should check the name of the company again, cuz World Financial Group is NOT a bank and doesn't offer lines of credit as one of its financial services!

Maybe you should pay closer attention to whether or not the pop-up windows are actually legitimately connected with the site you see them on. Sometimes they just appear to be related to the site, but are actually phishing companies or other tricky entities.

Perhaps you could get some answers from Google? I've never heard of "Google Adwords", but the name itself implies that it's an ad of sorts and maybe not even connected with Google at all.

Good luck with finding out about the "Adwords" company!


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