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Ok, have a meeting with a representative with WFG. I had seen an ad on Craigslist about being an entrepreneur in the Insurance Industry. Answered the ad, no resume, no references or anything. Get a call from a representative and am told I have the necessary experience and I am already licensed, so that is not an issue. Was told by the rep, that he places an ad everyday in Craigslist but words them all differently and has been doing this for the better part of 2011. Met with the representative, and he told me he had three people currently working for him. (In this economy, you run an ad everyday for the better part of a year and only have three people working with you????)

One person was located in Maryland, I am in Florida and the other two were in Florida. He also mentioned that he didn't hear back from one of his recruits in Florida. So he has two people??? He told me to come up with a list of possible prospects/recruits about wanting to get involved in this kind of business. I wouldn't know anybody who would be interested in this type of business and really wouldn't feel comfortable about talking about it. I've heard this so many times in the insurance industry, "Just tell your friends that you are embarking on a NEW CAREER and that you would like to talk to them about it. My friends aren't that ***, to know what that implies. He showed me pamphlets with three different marketing strategies and asked me which one I was interested in, just met the man, I think I should have been able to read them and not go by title alone. Also, he told me he would like me to go to a convention this February and I am sure it would be at my own expense.

Vague answers, working towards the dream, recruiting people etc. is not really my idea of an entrepreneur and definitely not my idea of a job.

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insert Twilightzone theme..... As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again...


To WFG Agents, don't be afraid to tell the world we are who we are. Don't try to hide behind the bush and get people to come to your meeting for wrong reason.

Be upfront and let all your prospect know that this is not an hourly job or salary job. This is an independent work opportunity. If they say no to that, you won't want them anyways.

Be truthful, transparent and upfront. May God fight your battles for you.


Dear Ractun, I have worked with WFG for several months now and I am here to tell you that it has been a very good experience. They have a great business model and really do try to help people.

It has been the opportunity I have been waiting for. I was tired of working for someone else in a job I was not interested in. This gave me the opportunity to work for myself. It does require a lot of training, but the finance industry does not only have to be for finance majors.

By getting the licenses you learn a lot. You get those licenses through the government, not WFG. Yes, they do have a lot of meetings that are very motivational, but that is a good thing. Yes, you have to recruit if you want to build a team, but you don't have to....you can do the work by yourself if you choose.

It is up to you. Besides, wouldn't you want to give your friends the same opportunity to work with you and not for someone else? Yes, you have to spend your own money as an independent contractor, but you can write it all off. Because of WFG I got the biggest refund I have ever gotten in my life.

Anyway, overall I am very satisfied with this company, and I am glad I have stayed on and keep working harder each day to educate families about their own finances and ways that may help them. I'm not sure how that is a scam or a bad thing? Also, have you looked at other industries? I have friends in the real estate market who are miserable.

They do tons of work with very little pay. I have friends in apartment management that are miserable. They are jealous. I am not out to recruit any of them.

I merely let them know what I am learning and what I do, and if they want that information, then I will be happy to share it with them on my time and on my dime because they are important to me. However, I never set out to recruit anyone. I want to help people, especially the people I know. If people want to join me in my effort, then I will encourage them because I think it is a very good business.

I enjoy the meetings and everyone I work with there. Yes, I have seen some of my business partners become pushy, but some people are just competitive. You see that every day in all sales positions. At least you do not have to do cold calling or go door to door.

You do not have to be pushy. I am not like that at all!

to Jen #693772

Very well said Jen. I too have been with World Financial Group for a while and I find it a fantastic opportunity.

I served twenty-nine years in the Air Force and when my time was up, I was looking for somewhere that I could continue to serve people and make a difference. When I sit down with a family, I'm looking for ways to educate them on how money works, possibly restructure what they are doing financially so that they pay less in taxes or debt servicing. I strive to help them keep more in their own pocket and protect their family so that, should anything happen, their family will be able to keep their home and continue with the same or better level of comfort. I love the fact that I can meet people and get into their world to make a positive difference in their lives.

Yes, I would like to build a team; we need to because alone I'm limited in the number of people I can help. If I train people to go out and help others we can truly make a difference. World Financial Group is the only place I've ever know that is a true "Win, Win, Win, Win" scenario: The client wins because they can get free help through financial education, The partner product companies (ING, Nationwide etc) win because they get more clients without training the sales force directly, World Financial Group wins because they are growing and the agent wins because the commissions can be quite substantial for the time spent.

When product companies sign on with World Financial Group, they rise to the top of their market in revenues. I find that we don't need to be pushy for recruits: people decide for themselves what they want to do.

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