These *** people call in the early hours of the morning. Don't these nitwits know there are time zones and to check these before calling people.

When they do talk to whomever, there is nothing done about these distrubing calls. They are not helping people, they act as a collection type agency. They will call and then ask you to hold they will be with you momentarily. RIDICULOUS!!!!

There isn't much more that I can say except these people are not too bright and extremely inconsiderate. I think they must work from a script - that explains their limited mentality.

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How can a company ba a scam and companies like Pridential Transamerica Aviva Pac life WRL be associated with them.?

to whatutalkingbout #847564

You agents are the scam! Products you are selling is legit but joining you....

Never! When did you last spend most of ur time with ur family? Haha! Now thats what you call not busy with that business!

Keep drinking the cool aid! Hope you don't crazy in the end when you realized that you wasted ur time and effort getting nothin!


Guess the concept of caller ID is lost on you? I don't answer the phone unless it is someone I want to talk to.


You are one of the sorry *** that complains about every little thing in your life. Get up from your bed from time to time to go out and see the sun, you son of a sorry ***.

You probably can't even hold down a job.


the only one thing you know how to do is complain. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to toobad4u #847566

You just got into the hype! Keep feeding urself, we're not you!

So called "advisors" haha! Go to school!

Top upline will use ur time, effort, family and friends, an in the end, you'll loose everything, even ur head! Good luck!

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