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This World Financial Group would not refund my hundred dollar in spite of promising to refund after rejecting my application. When I asked the reason for not accepting my application the only answer they gave me was the upline did not accept.

They did not have any explanation either. I don't care about being not accepted but I need my money back. Moreover it is really hard to reach them.

I was able to get someone on the phone after several attempts and the answer that the upline did not accept my application came after my third call. For me WFG is a thief!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Ontario, Canada #867168

I am in a similar situation. My so called trainer used to text me after 10pm to "check up" on me...creepy *** weirdo.

They have not refunded my so-called $142 membership/background check fee or my $107 for the course. Which he logged into right away knowing that if I did not log in I had 10 days to receive a full refund AND the $28 for an upcoming seminar. I call leave msgs and text NOTHING and they used to ring down my phone ALL the time especially when I missed a meeting. One of my best friends was supposed to attend a meeting with me.

My trainer SCOTT FELDMAN called her work multiple times and from private numbers insisting she should go to the meeting. She was totally creeped out. If that's not a good enough reason to stay away from these predators. They are at 11 Sims Crescent unit !

in Richmond Hill. They practice grooming behaviours and want to profit from YOUR contacts. The CEO would always get mad if ppl did not bring recruits saying there is 70 of you so there should be 70 guests. All 100 plus ppl already could not fit in that tiny office.

It's all hype and coercion tactics. They are trying to sell you a dream. MOHAMMAD KHALEGI was my upline and drives an older car and I drive a 2013 vehicle. He's been doing this for 11 years!

You sir are NO millionaire.

They are good at selling the American Pipe Dream and it's a dream because you have to be ASLEEP to believe it. I'm already in the process of getting the police involved.


Hi Boricua,

Thanks for your reply. Would mind confessing whether you are the thief yourself or partner of the thief who got away with my $100.00?

Nowhere it said the application fee was NON-REFUNDABLE! The notice sent to me said the $100.00 would be refunded to me. But so far I had not received it.

There is no any explanation or any reason for not approving my application and for not refunding my money. So are you partnering with the World Financial Thief?


Here's what I KNOW. First, on the application (paper and electronic) it is clearly stated that the administrative is NON-REFUNDABLE!

Hello ???

Moreover, I also know of at least two instances where WFG has refunded the administrative fee when they didn't have to. That being said, there's a definite reason you're not an associate and it has nothing to do with WFG being a thief.

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