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a few months ago i was in the process of picking applications at the mall when i was approached by a woman named natalia about my age and told me about a job opening her husband had and asked for my number and said if he was interested they would call well they certainly called bout 3days later and asked me to come in so i did thinkin i was on to something they invited me to their event they have...(not even just alot of ppl trying to scam u in) anyways they were all nice and perky and when i asked wut the catch was they all would laugh in my face and said u will have to wait for the big suprise when u go to the slide show...well certainly it was a suprise...these ppl were talkin bout how much money they were makin and how some of us didn't have the chance to come close to makin that much and how some of us didn't have th ability to even get into a job they even told us no questions to be asked about the finally the guy was done talking and says i know u all are goin to ask well wuts the catch well heres the catch u pay ur background check thats $100 and training about $2,000 wow i told them i would come back to talk and certainly i never went back these *** called me for a week straight wantin me to come in to talk...never again will i fall for somethin like that...


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*** people like this make me laugh I met some one like that to I went to their meeting & it was one of the best experienses ever yes you have to invest money on your own licence in order to make money if you never get licenced you will think its a scam.Just like a doctor or a lawyer cant work with out their licence..

Come on people really you make me laugh unfortunally I couldn't get licenced because I have setain things in my record that wont allow me to get licenced but if I could I would invests $2,000 if that was the amount that I had to invest in the licence but its only $450 the total..there is alot of *** people out there that think that their boss will alwqys have a job for them not knowing that when they get tired of you they will just fire you without even thinking about it..They don't care if you have kids or not as long as they feed their own family..


Joe, reply #13 was intentional.I was mocking the original complainer.

Duh, ***!

You're not a part of this anyway.Go find a newer thread to troll!


In post #13, funny that this guy is complaining about grammar, but then leaves out most necessary commas and required periods.


All of the financial services industry works in this manner.You pay a firm to "let" you become licenced and to "let you" learn the business from them.

It is a hard business and there are rewards for those who do well, but this is not more of a scam than any other firm, unless the firm has not told you how it works, before you get involved.

But even if they tell you, you will never really know unless you try it.For some people it is a great fit.


People, you're giving this guy way too much power here.Yes ...

power. This complaint about $2000 and wasted time has transformed into a debate about improperly used syntax.

Trolling, hijacking--call it what you want, but try not to antagonize him.It's what he wants.



I loved the bravery of your critique. It was especially amusing as your own grammar, punctuation, and spelling were suspect.


"Grammar Nazi" - I like it! Thanks, Renjick, for your vote of confidence. I'm back!!!



Because I wouldn't want a grammar nazi coming after me. :cry


Good for you Carpediem! Admitting your a troll is the first step to moving away from that bridge. =)


Kelly, you're right. I have no life. Maybe I should just throw in the towel.


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