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I'm not sure why it is so hard to believe here; WFG does not have any products, their agents are licensed by the state to sell life insurance, annuity, etc... The agents are licensed to sell many hundreds or thousands of products in the market.

I have an annuity investment from Prudential & Long Term Disability insurance from TransAmerica and bought both through WFG state licensed agents. This is a highest regulated industry.

if you have a question about a product you then need to create awareness about the product of that particular company. Which agent or broker you bought it from has nothing to do with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Transamerica Long Term Disability Insurance.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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While most companies promote based on your knowledge and performance…WFG promotes based on your ability to recruit others into the program. As a multi-level marketing company…their entire premise is based on bringing more people in underneath you in order for you to move up.

And with every promotion/level up…your commission percentage increases. It’s analogous to being hired as a janitor and after referring and hiring 15 of your friends/family into the company, you become a Senior Manager. And yes…the fact that you need to recruit in order to move up the “corporate ladder” makes it a multi-level marketing scheme. Its saving grace is the fact that WFG sells a product.

Even though WFG does not offer products of their own, they push their parent company’s FFUIL policies which are currently under fire for their explosive COI rates in later years. Since there is such a large variety of product and services…most WFG agents are more focused on getting someone signed in under them in order to move up from that all important Associate non–commission position to the Senior Associate commission position. So their focus is really on recruiting and not educating themselves on the product. And once they find out about the more profitable commission offered by Transamerica to sell the FFUIL…that is the product they will tend to push.

And yes there is a variety of other company’s products being sold…but your commission is based on your position…so it would be beneficial to you to be at a Senior Marketing Director position pushing a higher risk product.

And as far their comprehensive background check. Don’t believe the hype. They are only checking to make sure there is not a felony on file.

A felony will keep you from being licensed. If there’s no felony…you passed.


Network marketing is a legitimate way of doing business. Pyramid MLM is illegal in most states.

There is nothing wrong to get compensated for bringing people in to a business. It sounds like you are not a big fan of Transamerica FFUL then why blaming the brokerage.

There are many others selling the same product. All agents are state licenced, perhaps you're complain should be pointed at state rather than WFG.


They recruited 200,000 new recruits in 2015..it might be illegal but it's clear that it's not stopping wfg...or are you saying they all will be successful?? Numbers official wfg numbers that is show that 99.5% of them make less than 2272$/year...don't even qualify to be poor...wfg agents and recruits are just sadly brainwashed by shiny rah rah meetings..


They are not middleman, you don't pay a penny extra to buy it from WFG or any other brokers. As state licensed agents, WFG agent's computers are directly connected to all insurance companies to get a quote.

Their commission comes from Insurance companies. Imagine travel agents. You can buy your ticket from the Airline or from travel agents who are directly connected to airline's system. You don't pay more for your ticket.

What is the advantage of a broker like WFG is that they can instantly get a quote from different insurance companies. This is a nature of brokerage, create more convenience. All WFG or any other brokerage agents are going through state licensing which has a very hard test with so many mandatory training hours and not everybody is able to pass.

Not to mention all licensed insurance agents are going through a comprehensive background check. This is the most regulated industry.


Thanks...you just proved WFG AGENTS need not to exist at all..Why pay more fees to pay WFG agents and recruits commissions when you can directly buy your policy thru the insurance companies...then you don't have a middle man who hires anybody in sight without them having more than a week training?


Why have the insurance company in the first place at that point? Someone still needs to process is and move it through the ladder.

These agents are only but one of many channels to get products out. But I guess you're ***.

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