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Be aware!!!They will trick you into signing in with their company $100.

And they won't mention about spending a lot of money for class and convention until the second meeting. That is a least another $1000 (if your lucky). They will also *** you to buy life insurance with cash value. Here is where you call all your friends and family and tell them about the good news about a job opportunity.

(You will lose a lot of friends and family during this time). The mother company is in EUROPE. Look at what EUROPE is going through. Those that have money in there, I feel sorry for you when people gonna start to collect their money there is none left for those who tend to hold on and get a 13.25% interest (Too Good To Be True).

WFG sucks.


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Glendale, California, United States #932537

I'm sorry you sucked at it.You didn't lose your friends because of the company.

You lost your friends because you joined a company without early knowing how to grow and didn't make an effort to actually get good at it.

You just tried to get rich quick and obviously failed.

You would have gotten the same result in any company regardless of the services.

to Anonymous #932557

one thing is for sure....wfg will not refuse anybody.can't speak or understand English..doesn't matter.never had training in the financial market or courses,you're perfect for the job and you can start your business.the only thing that they need is to check if your a crook so if not you got the job and open your business is no problem.

Dublin, Ohio, United States #627173

Just to clear up some misinformation.WFG is not an insurance company.

WFG does not have their own insurance product. Aegon is a parent company but does not conduct any of the WFG business. WFG is more like Lending Tree (store shelves that hold the product). Lending tree finds banks that offer mortgage to people looking to purchase a home and WFG finds insurance and other retirement vehicles for people who want those products.

If Aegon or WFG goes out of business, that has 0 impact on the policy itself since policy is through the provider such as Nationwide, Prudential, Transamerica, etc. As a policy or account holder, you do not pay WFG. WFG is giant distribution household with 30,000+ independent brokers (that's more broker than Nationwide, Prudential, and ING combined) so those big insurance company pay us to find them their clients. Always know the facts before pointing fingers.

Also, there are bad apple in every barrel.

In this business, you can make lot of money so some agents forget the part where they need to help the client first.

Unfortunately when you see lot of $$$, some people get greedy and use unethical tactics to recruit and sell policies.Please do not group the good people in the industry with the greedy scums.


This company is not even register with the BBB, the people that attempted to rebuttal for WFG are either *** individual that are in to deep with this scam and would feel *** to admit that they been had or WFG (scammer) is trying off the truth so that could recruit more *** people that make money of. Either way WFG is a scammer and don't be ***, Google WFG and scam together and get plenty of hit and that a sigh of red flag.

to They are looking for *** pe Dublin, Ohio, United States #627179

Go to BBB.com and look up World Financial Group.The main office is located in Johns Creek, GA.

They are listed in BBB with A+ rating. Here's a number for you to digest. WFG average 1 complaint for every $400,000,000 in policy they write. That is $400 million.

Can you name any other business that does $400 million dollars in business and get less than 100 complaints?I think that's remarkable.

to They are looking for *** pe #693734

Where do you get your information?It sounds absurd.

Have you seen the August issue of Forbes magazine? World Financial Group is a financial distributor for companies like Transamerica, Prudential, Nationwide and many others. In fact, Transamerica sponsors licensing for World Financial Group Agents through state regulators. The parent company is AEGON NV who is bigger than Apple and Google put together.

Despite what is happening in Europe, AEGON is very strong and stable.Instead of spreading fear, get your facts straight and get a life.

to They are looking for *** pe #823019

WFG is not a scam.Ive been with the company for a year.

Although I havent made any money its ok. I know im one person away from becoming a millionaire.

And no I havent drank the kool aid.See you at the top or not.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #598354

I never heard so much bulshit in my life.

There are over 5,000 agents and no body is forced to go anywhere and pay anything unless you want to learn and grow more.

You probably one of those losers that can't make it and prefer to complain on the whole world and his sister.

By the way: I am a client, Not agent and I enjoyed from great service for the last 6 years.

to So ***ed up man Compton, California, United States #744956

Oh really Alicia?!


"3. Written by VA on June 28, 2012 from pomona, california, US

I have never received a straight answer from a friend about this group. All I get told is I should go to a meeting. I am not really sure they are about helping anyone but maybe themselves?"

You will never know unless you find out and go to the meeting? People like to assume but never want to find out themselves.... I have been with the company for 3 months now and I can tell you it is the best oppotunity granted to me. I use to work 3 restaurants and 60+hours a week. Ever since I got my license I have freedom of time, earning a great income in which I DESERVE i work for unlike a w2, helped people with their financials INCLUDING my relatives and have a prestigious career ahead of me and a proud business owner. This career isnt for everyone but if you are going to discredit yourself in not being able to do the work you wont be successful in pursuiting this.

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