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My friend, 65 years old, signed up with WFG 2 years ago.He is now the proud owner of two piece of *** houses in Bakersfield, with interest only loans!

They advised him to take all the equity out of his 51 year-old house, and buy the 2 homes with interest only loans! Not only is he over $1million in debt, he should have retired after 42 years in the same industry, but he can't, because he's paying on these homes and the values have dropped so significantly, that he is working 60 yours/week to stay afloat! He might even lose his own home!

I know another lady, Spanish-Speaking, that was "advised" by another rep to take all the equity out of her home, and invest in an EIUL insurance policy! (Equity Indexed Universal Life or Universal Variable Life) She is 79 and about to lose her home!

People--NEVER take out your equity for an investment, especailly in a variable universal life product! They steal your wealth! You will have nothing left in the policy at the end! NOTHING!

The scams go on. Why those are even legal is beyond me. BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE! HAS WORKED FOR 40 YEARS!

BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE. NEVER BUNDLE YOUR SAVINGS WITH YOUR INSURANCE! You don't do that with your car insurance, or your homeowners insurance!

Don't do it--EVER!


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"Buy TERM and Invest the DIFFERENCE"


Mutual Fund?401K?


All tied to the stock market, remember 2008? There are tons of people got wiped out lost almost 40-50% of their life saving, this one person who had over $2M in 401K in 2007 by the end of 2008 he had $1.2M left, yes he still has money, but can he be happy or retire happily and comfortably? Of course not.

You know why some company likes to sell terms? because most people don't die young or within the term.

Most people die when they are old, and by the time when they get old their term life policy probably lapsed.

You put money in IUL you get life protection for pretty much your entire life unless you live past 121 yr old.

It also gives you great return similar to S&P 500 return rate and also there is a floor, even if S&P tanks you will still get anywhere between 0-1% in return for that down year.DON'T listen to people pushing you to get TERM and INVEST IN OTHER STUFF, such as Primarica, they love to tell people to only buy term and invest everything else in their mutual fund of which is a Primarica product so they can make commission from that as well.


I signed my life away a couple years ago. I actually believed what my Agent Andrew Weller from Utah County, Utah told me. My mistake. After doing more research I realized it was a scam and not what I was promised. I've never dealt with someone who blatantly lied to my face about what he was selling. I'm not talking about stretching the truth! He is a liar and I hope he gets what's coming to him. I know dozens of people who he has screwed and I can't believe he can sleep at night. He didn't make his money investing it with WFG, he made it by screwing thousands of people out of thousands of $$$!!!

Stay away from the insurance investing and stay away from WFG. I wish someone had told me that a couple years ago.

The comments on here about things people like about WFG all have to do with getting payouts because of the life insurance. That isn't the point. If you want life insurance go get 10 year term. The investing is only a good idea if you are a complete *** and have no idea how to invest your money on your own. Save your money and your time, stay away!


Thank you "Belle"


9. Written by Thank you WFG, on 07-04-2010 00:40

answering to the comment above me: her story is simply a story re-told from a seminar speaker in Glendale, CA. apparently their top QMD (qualified marketing director). a QMD who happens to have ZERO search results on google, other than his facebook, with nothing on it but nine friends. his predecessor has 493. why so under the radar??

to everyone who's reading the comments defending WFG, and are unsure who to believe: all of the defenders are actually people in the company. i've done some extensive research on all of these reviews, and all of the positive reviews come from employees. they have a lot of practice in putting up a front.


I disagree with "buy term and invest the difference". It's a REPLACEMENT tactic - because it assumes that you HAVE the difference! Otherwise, if you don't have the difference (and lack of knowledge on how life insurance contracts work), then you simply buy term.

That said, I completely agree that taking a retiree's equity to put into a securitized product is CRIMINAL. A complaint can and should have been filed against such an agent.

I see no reason why this would've been a good idea for a 79 year old.

Now, if you're 45... and the equity is being used as "seed money" that you'll be able to get out later in life - and it's not a variable policy where you can lose your capital due to market fluctuations... that might work a little bit better.

Now, as for WFG, THIS is why I can't stand this company, or other companies like Primerica. It teaches ignorant new agents how to screw people just for the sake of collecting a commission.

It gives the REAL financial professionals a bad name and it's a disservice to other high-level companies.

Saint Francis, Wisconsin, United States #200016

other companies trying to sabatoge WFG jealous becuase its causing people success........

to Arron #883753

OMG if they were jaleous they would go with WFG. They really brainwashed you at WFG.

Use your brain and stop believe what they are telling you.

D you really believe than a lot of cie are jealous of WFG and try to put them down. If so there is a lot of very successful cie outside why nobody write some dab comments about them to put them down ?????


I went to 1 meeting to help a friend.As I have an extensive financial background, I have severe concerns about her going into this.

My belief is that the world has changed and yet financial advisers continue to offer the same advice; invest in the stock market, buy real estate, etc and your life will be wonderful. I don't know yet about the company yet, I just don't think the stock market is the way to go anymore. and it does seem like a pyramid scheme.

They say they "Care" but the only way to make money is to sell products.NO ONE cares about your money more than you.


I was a WFG Agent for 5 years.I actually represent another disability carrier full time.

WFG gave me many more options for my clients. Some of their agents were were good. Many were new. Pancreatic cancer normally will not show up on a standard insurance exam.

The carrier assumes the risk. I did a $ 30,000 payout on pancreatic cancer 2 years ago. The policy holder had the policy for 4 years. He also bought a cheap $ 1,000,000 term policy ( not thru me), It was issued 1 week before my client was rushed to the hospital for a heart attack and it turned out to be pancreatic cancer.

He lived 11 more months.

He collected on the life as well.So in the end, judge your agent from Any carrier.


I would never put world financial group on a resume.I'd be too embarrassed.

Just like amway.Just to name another.

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