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WFG Reps tried sucking me in twice Under another company name. They did not know I had been there before .

When Mr.Qu in Diamond Bar, Ca thought he had me on the hook he demanded that I give him my drivers license and $100 to get started I knew who and what this was all about. The worst part was that most of the people in the group were over 50 and we were told by Mr.Qu that no one was ever going to hire washed up people over 50 and that we should be lucky they wanted us. My question why would a Doctor leave his practice for MLM? That was my first clue.

Plus he was just a *** that could not speak proper English.

I really felt sorry for the elderly couple who were trying to recruit me.

They did not deserve to be duped like that. They were nice people.

I am pissed that I need a job and all these people do is dash your hopes and waste your time and energy and try to insult your intelligence in the process. All I can say is if these kind of people call you,turn and run the other way as fast as you can.

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Apparently people you bad mouth are the ones who made it big. Before you judge why don't you reflect on yourself and see where you are at this point in life.

to Anonymous #1162453

Apparently you mr anon.haven't seen the figures for 2015..mr WFG agent...756 million for 250,000 agents and recruits..remove the top 0.5% and 99.5% make just over 2,200$/year..now either your the one taking advantage of the recruits or are the top .5% that make over 50k/year...I've very suspicious of all the millionnaires that you say you are..Who gloates about how much money they make while asking policy holders,family and friends for enormous amounts of money on IUL'S..Where do you think your money comes from..yep you guessed it the bottom of the pyramid (recruits) and the policy holders(family and friends)...Congrats!

San Carlos, California, United States #729185

I work at World Financial Group (WFG). WFG is a part of Transamerica. Aegon owns Transamerica. The initial investment that you make into your WFG business is less than $500. This is an amazingly low investment. To give you perspective, to start a Starbucks franchise costs several million dollars.

I've worked at WFG for 10 months now, full-time. It's an amazing business. I've already made around $10,000 in it. Every year my income is going to grow because we have an amazing training program that teaches associates exactly how to grow their income.

Once I have kids, I plan to do what many women at our company do and take time off work. But the paychecks will still keep coming. The best way to do business at WFG is to build an agency. Then you help more people with their finances, you give an amazing career opportunity to more people, and you grow rich while not having to work. One out of every 79 full-time workers at WFG earns over a million dollars per year.


to RasaP #740341

Rasa P is a WFG sock puppet poster. You can find this person posting the exact same response on WFG complaint threads located on multiple websites. Ignore this person

to Anonymous #740578

Actually, I am Rasa, and I am a real person. I'm Associate level at WFG, and I have an office in South San Francisco right now. I guess some people are just negative and will tell everyone lies.


to Rasa P #857030

I have a great position that allows me to earn in excess of $10,000.00 per month. That's just the commissions.

Residual income is another $4,000.00 per month and continues to grow month after month. So currently I'm pulling in $14,000.00 per month gross. Some months are obviously better than others but I do fairly well overall.

The kicker is that I don't have to recruit anyone or build a team to achieve this income. We also don't have any mandatory seminars or sales meetings to attend.

The only meetings that I attend are the ones related to new product roll outs.

My industry is mainstream and I do business with business owners. I'm not dependent on any down line to supplement my income. I don't have to get friends or family involved with my business. As a matter of fact, none of my friends or family members are even remotely qualified to work with me.

I'm glad you're happy where you're at but the industry I'm involved with affords me more opportunities to reach my goals faster.

In my industry, it costs me exactly $0 to get started and $0 for all the training I have access to.

Business cards are provided to me free of charge. The only thing that I pay for is any marketing materials that I might want to get printed up and even then its optional because I don't really need it. Also, the marketing materials are customized for me for no charge and delivered to me via email. If I want to print it, I can choose whomever I want to do the job for me.

I work full time but I set my own hours and work the days that I choose to work.

You might be wondering what industry I'm in. Well, I'm not going to say because I'm not trying to convince you to join my organization (and frankly I would prefer that no one else does). I'm just saying that there are many other ways to achieve your financial goals.

You just need to keep your eyes open. Cheers!

to RasaP New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #821974

If you believe that you're a fool..if that were the case everyone on this planet would be working with this ponzi.

to RasaP #831474

Bunch of ***, I part of the team for 2 year and didn't make ***

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