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Well, I was contacted by WFG representative. I was impressed by the big stories and the presentations. They gave me big picture and I was so foolish that I left my company paying very good salary. Truth came to picture soon, The lie cost me my job, 6 months of saving 5000 per month. After getting 4 - 5 customers, I was paid 400 to 500. I was promised for 20k to 25k.

After learning that I was fooled, I was shocked and got into accident. It cost 8000/-

My mother in law heard that I was scammed and she had heart attack and she passed away.

Here is their trick. They attract you to use your contacts and then try to get rid of you, so that they can keep the commissions for the rest of life.

Another thing, whenever you go to their presentations or when they come to your home for presentation, just keep the paper of what they write. They will deny you because it is lie.

Recommendation to all :- If you have any enemies, recommend them to him and see how miserable can be persons life.

WFG :- Remember your lie can cost someones job, savings, someone's life.

Remember whenever you get the check, ask yourself is the check is true or from lieing or from getting rid of representative. ASK YOURSELF THE BLESSING ARE IN THE CHECK OR CURSES. THE ANSWER WILL BE CURSES. AND IT WILL HAUNT YOUR LIFE FOREVER.


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you aren't supposed to quit your job until you go through the process of learning and getting your license and then start making a steady income, which for the right individual can take a few months, or for the skeptical, not fully in it person like yourself might make 10k in one year because you flat out suck. anyone who fails in WFG has no one to blame but themselves

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #797651

well, I gotta say I agree and disagree with your statements at same time,I would say if you are not active doing presentation to potential clients or teammates, don't expect money would just fall from the sky. Second thing I would like you to know is we never get rid of our teammates, do you wanna know why?

cuz the moment you quit, we are not moving forward either.Are you also aware of we are regulated by the government, so anything we put on the paper we are liable for that? I bet you don't know about this, cuz anything goes wrong in paper, we will be fired, understand?


5150c24 God bless you your cursing other will return to you. It contradict with your believes .

but anyway don't stress out your self be sure you are insured life is short enjoy it while you can . All companies has bad and good reputation you can not please everyone Let them do their job and it depends now to each person what do they think,believe or they will do it or not FREEDOM of choice.5150 a code for watchfull need a sitter???? You know what I mean because your profession is the same as mine. I am not from Wfg/ or any other insurance company I am just an ordinary person working and enjoy life.

Successfull of other people makes me joy because they succeed for what they want in life.

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