This company is so deceiving. This guy is EVC, he is from india.

He boast he went making 1500 to 750K. These guys have no shame or self respect. They do make money but how? They get new immigrant to join.

They will have them buy high price insurance and investment. They prey on new immigrants, tell them paying taxes and banks are bad. If you don't want to pay tax, go back to your *** hole country. This guy has his useless son and son in law working with him.

They have such an attitude, I told told them to get lost. They wasted my 1 year of life, almost turned my wife against me.

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Hesperia, California, United States #1203974

Lol translation.... I don't have what it takes to do the business! I'm jealous these guys who are passionate, caring, charismatic, but can't speak English are building it better faster and bigger than me.

to Anonymous Berkeley, California, United States #1204128

Hesperia Anon. If you are “passionate” about making tons of money no matter how many folks you have to *** over to get it, and you have loads of “caring” for only yourself, for how much material success you grub for yourself on the backs of other hardworking people, if you have enough “charisma” to sucker in boatloads of ignorant immigrants into this scam and you can hide from them how morally bankrupt you are, then yes Hesperia Anon the reviewer doesn't have what it takes to claw his way up the WFG pyramid. Thank goodness for that!


So here's the summary-

You joined WFG, not sure if you got license or not & did not want to learn about the products/service WFG offers & didn't want to learn how to do the business as a team member & spent a year (not sure doing what), your wife is upset because you could not get your business up & running. Now you hate immigrants & want to poison people's mind about WFG by posting on internet....

Brilliant. Wish you the best.


Is not bad to pay taxes, and banks are useful to put your money in. But if you want to make your money grow, then paying taxes will take a good chunk of it.

Banks don't give you any interest on your money at all, so if you want your money to grow for you, then an Insurance policy will be something you need. If you're happy paying taxes on everything you do, we'll keep doing it, if you're happy with the banks making money for them by using yours, then stay there as well...more power for them...a lot less for you....

to Anonymous #987456

Well, there are obviously more options besides banks and insurance. Does it sounds wise to ask for financial advise from an insurance agent?

You consult insurance agents for the sake of your insurance(to protects your love one). It doesn't necessary need to be a high cost products. If you are taking about annuity, MANY banks are offering this products as well.

Why can't we talk to a local bank financial advisor?

to Anonymous #1031801

That is so *** why on earth would you invest with your insurance company? Talk about ripping people off.


Sound like you were working with them before. I am sure they not only made your wife against you, they probably made your friends and family against you as well(avoiding you like snake).

Yes, they focus on warm market and did not really train you for the products. Their main products are annuity, universal life etc.

Those products are complex, costly and not for everybody. A new recruit will bring in more prospective clients and this is ALL they care about.

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