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Yes this man makes 750K on expense of other. This is multi marketing company.

They pry on new immigrants, unhappy, uneducated people. He repeats his sad story of coming to Canada, making 1500 per month. Now he think himself a big shot. He boast about his travelling, free vacation Hawaii.

Once you are hooked. He is quite controlling. He demean low producer. Whole thing is a quite charade.

They sell people high cost life insurances. Invest money in high administration charging funds. None of their rep has any financial background, education or security exam. They call themselves financial planners.

Folks be-aware of these scammers. All of his team consist of east Indians.

This reviewer shared experience about "thier lying,misleading" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Pissedvancouver is overall dissatisfied with World Financial Group. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Making 750k

His son just got kicked out of the house by his wife

What a joke

to Anonymous #1155170

Good he is a rotten ***.

Orange County, California, United States #999560

Anyone who things that WFG is a wholesome and legit company should take a look at this vile conversation I had YESTERDAY with a current WFG employee. It will CLEARLY show you the mentality that runs throughout the corporation as I forwarded the conversation to the employee's "mentor" and he refused to reply with anything substantial and then blocked me. Same with another rep of their "team"

I can't post the images of the screenshots here but please check out my review where I was able to

to Vivian_P Orange County, California, United States #999574

http://world-financial-group.pissedconsumer.com/conversation-w-wfg-employee-stateing-anti-american-views-20150625656016.html link to the screenshots (I know, stating is spelled wrong)

to Vivian_P #999583

http://world-financial-group.pissedconsumer.com/conversation-w-wfg-employee-stateing-anti-american-views-20150625656016.html here is the link to the screen shot of the lovely conversation (not) - yes i am aware stating is spelled wrong

Manhattan Beach, California, United States #998546

I am sorry, are you speaking English?


What you know about it sir?? Every wfg memeber want to pass a provincial exam to become a financial advisor.

the same exam the rbc, td, bmo... managers take. and you said wfg sell High priced insurance, if you dont know anything about it then atleast keep quite, because wfg is just like a middle agent they can sell any insurance from any bank as the customer needs it. when you guys buy a house you took mortgage insurance right what is the benefit of it you never know!!

There is no benefit for mortgage insurance. Banks had the benefit. instead of mortgage insurance you can have personal insurance for 1 million dollar.

if you die after 15 year your family atleast get that 1 million dollar, and they can decide whether to payoff the house or not. but in the case of mortgage insurance, you guys paid 15 years of mortgage and there is only 50k left to payoff the house and you died the mortgage insurance pays only that 50 k to payoff your house.

so with personal life insuranve you will get cheaper insurance and more coverage. so who is the cheater bank or wfg??

Think and also remember wfg provide free advice. its noot mandatory to take insurance or membership

to Anonymous #988972

Taking a mutual fund and insurance license does not make a person "financail advisor". All bank financial advisors are required to have sercurities and Finacial Planning license.

Why WFG got fined by Manitoba securities? They have no control over their so called advisor. All WFG meeting are ra ra ra how to get rich. When WFG do their so called free advising.

They are so pushy to sell their product. I can call WFG a mutual fund sales company but not financial planners.

to Anonymous #989414

Majority of them only have life insurance license, with "barely enough" knowledge to sell couple products such as fixed/index annuity, and fixed/index universal life insurance. They were being brainwash that those products ARE THE BEST(they really believe in it since they don't have any exposure to other products). Mutual fund license(series 6 and 63) are relatively tougher to obtain, thus not that many people have it.

to Anonymous #998602

Sir??? BMO RD BMO managers also take securities exam, which has very low passing rate.

If they cannot pass it, they cannot be financial advisors. I hope goverment tighten up on financial regularities.

to Anonymous #1148242

What a loser u r

Ur writing of this column speaks for itself

Financial planner! My asa

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