The average person is unaware that they are in possession of valuable marketing information: the names of your friends and family. World Financial Group has their recruits set up 10 "training" appointments with those friends and family. (AKA: "Warm Market", people very likely to allow you to meet with them) You set up the appointments BEFORE you get your insurance license so only your "trainer" gets paid a commission. What they teach people to to is to steal other people's "warm market."

You make money by recruiting and stealing your recruits' "warm markets."

They also push the Indexed Universal Life insurance policy as a retirement tool. They teach their agents to use an approved, "compliant" marketing script to show how people can put extra money into the policy, have it grow at 8%, tax free, and then take out the cash value as a loan, again, tax-free. The only problem is that the universal life product is not truly permanent insurance; it will lapse eventually when the cost of insurance exceeds the premium for enough years to eat up the cash value.

Then the policy lapses and any "loans" you took out are instantly taxable.

So what WFG does is screw their recruits (because their marketing method is recruiting, not selling) and they screw their customers because the universal life policy does not do what they say it will do.

I was in WFG before the housing bubble burst. At that time they were telling people to refinance their house (through a loan company that paid us to sell loans) take equity money out of their house and put it into the insurance policy.

Another way they screw recruits is only paying 25% of the commission to them. The industry standard is somewhere between 80% and 125% of the first year's premium.

But by recruiting, you could get promoted to higher levels (35%, 45%, etc.) and eventually qualify for bonuses.

The big goal is to build a big team and become a Marketing Director. When you do, they take your best people and give them to the guy above you.

They had a "leaders board." We were encouraged to find the most productive person at our level and try to beat his/her production. When I checked it, I found that the average big deal marketing director was only making $1500 a month. whoopie. That's unemployment benefit level.


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Jealous of the trends being achieved by world financial group.

to Anonymous #1404189

Utter. Nonsense.


Why wfg's people are not honest.They lie and show up too much.

I work hard with my honesty and earn good money.

I work very hard for the money, but don't lie or cheat.Please close wfg

to Anonymous #1062930

Why people just jump into a conclusion without even learn more, then believe they are smarter than the rest? Why the government is just "***" for not close it? True products and true sale is the main reason.

Sherman Oaks, California, United States #915163

WFG has a business system manual.If you took the time to read it, you would have learned early on that the person who recruited you was not following it and without integrity.

If you took your required classes and tests (administered by regulatory agencies), you would have known the legal and illegal business practices off the bat. If you followed our system instruction, you would have identified that your recruiter was compromised.

It's easy to blame others for your lack of due dilligence.If you did not feel any reward by introducing families that could get financially educated, this business is not for you.

San Leandro, California, United States #904419

Nah I work here, some of these things are from an older version model of the system. It's been updated and improved.

Questions, questions, ask away.

to Zac B #1054836

I'm starting to work for WFG I'm still skeptical about it.I'm trying it out just to see if they are the real deal I'm not completely sold on this.

I looked around for nice cars I barley see any nice cars around, their "top dogs" that have talked to us say they make up to 10 grand a month and all that jibber jabber. I have been in some training appointments my dad ain't budging he don't trust them my other relatives that helped me out I told them after and before to stay calm and don't rush in.

The environment is very very friendly when I would come into their building in milpitas.I wonder if my trainer is just manipulated by the "top dogs" I feel iffy about it I want to test it out I did pay an amount for the classes but it was only 30 bucks I thought it was going to be 100ish, I'm going to see if they don't bs one bs move they pull they will regret it.

to Zac B #1114974

Hey zac B......Take 756 million in commission/official numbers from WFG IN 2015 and 53,000 agents and 197,000 recruits.

2198 workers out of 250,000 have made 454 million/official #'s also....so equals 60% of the total commission paid.so in other words you're proving my point....of

248000 or 99.2% of wfg workforce is sharing the balance of 302 million,so that equals to 1217$/year in commission...lol

Congrats on the .8% and the 99.2% that are making 101$ a month of salary..

Are you in the .8% or the 99.2% that will never make any money working for this company? Just curious!

to Zac B #1364839

my trainer told me I need 10 KTP training and when any of my 10 warm market friends buys insurance, he will get all commission and I will get none even when I already have my license. I thought I will be starting as an training associate and my commission starts with 25-30%, how come then he told me

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #900689

I totally agree, I have an investment where they suckered me into paying monthly on a $60000 a month loan.Which the money gets put into segregated funds evenly and it has made money over the years but you never see the loan go down.

With this kind of investmnt, this is just one of the ways wfg feeds off your money. Every month a little bit of your monthly payment goes straight to wfg and a little bit goes into your wfg advisors pocket and funniest part about it is the advisor doesn't even know it. What kind of financial advisor gets you to sign a bunch of investment forms and you never get a phone call from him or her concerning your financial situation. You just don't become a financial advisor over night.

I know the person pretty good that sold me the investment and I can tell you he didn't attend a real institution to aquire his certificate.In my eyes yes I agree wfg is a scam maybe not a pyramid scam but never the less it is a scam.

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