Sophia Xu, who is the subject of a June 25, 2015 post on this website, is on a mission to help families with her global indexed universal life policy. She mentions that the indices have gained an average return of 9.28% over the last 28 years, and claims that there are previous clients that are currently accumulating $50,000 per year of interest without paying any more premiums.

Let's do some math. First, she has forgotten that this product was introduced in 1997. So, say this client is gaining 9.28% (which definitely wouldn't be happening this year), to get $50,000 in interest they would have to have $538,793 in their cash value. To get here in 19 years with a 9% ROR, this client would have had to contribute $891 per month!! Wow, this sounds great for the middle income family, so far.. does this seem to be a likely scenario, was she telling the truth??

I then started to ask her about the participating rate, rising cost of insurance, premium taxes and extra MERs associated with the policy, and she did not have any answers! It was clear that she was making up case studies based on what her projections at 9.28% were forecasting, with the same computer program that does not take these extra fees into account.

Needless to say, once I started asking these questions and calling her out on it, she proceeded to say she did not want to waste her time and then eventually blocked me on facebook. This just goes to show that the "successful" WFG agents are looking for those who will not ask questions, because it's easier to find someone else to rip off than to find the answers.

To summarize:

-WFG agents selling this product have to lie in order to sell it

-WFG agents do not know how the product works

-WFG agents will not waste their time on anyone who they can't trick

Product or Service Mentioned: World Financial Group Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thanks very much for your post Anon. I agree with you, many WFG agents are shockingly ignorant about the products they sell.

9.28% average annual rate over the long term is pure fantasy. You’re lucky to get 5%--more likely somewhere between 2% and 5% annual return. The S&P 500’s historical return--from 1871--is only 5.75%. Most actively managed funds fall far short of that.

To see the evidence and discussions on the above, please search on: “The Charts Wall Street Doesn't Want You To See On Annual Returns businessinsider” and go here: Whitecoatinvestor dot com/an-index-universal-life-insurance-illustration/

And you know what? It doesn’t even *matter* how the various market indexes perform. IUL carriers put “indexed” in the name (IUL = Indexed Universal Life) but “Indexed” is a meaningless descriptor. You’ll find in your IUL policy’s small print that they *do not have to mirror the indexes.* Bottom line, they guarantee only the *minimum return* stated in the policy.

For example, Transamerica’s Financial Foundation IUL (FFIUL), WFG USA’s flagship policy. That’s the one that WFG uplines push their downlines hardest to sell because it pays the fattest commissions to the agents. The policies I’ve dealt with typically offer a guarantee of only a **2%** annual return or less--even as low as 0.5%. That’s the grim reality folks.

Please don’t take my word for all this. Ask Sophia Xu or any other WFG agent to actually let you read the policy text. A reasonable request right? Yet chances are great won’t let you NEAR it till you buy the policy.

Just to let you actually study what it is you’re buying, WFGers force you to pony up hundreds of dollars and then make you fight with WFG to terminate it and get your money back during the Look Period (10--30 days from purchase). Why do WFGers conceal this from you? After all, other insurance agencies, like AAA, send you the full quote for you to read to your satisfaction before you sign. Why won’t WFG agents let you do the same?

You soon learn why it’s obvious WFG agents hide the contract language from you. The FFIUL is an exceptionally expensive and risky instrument. It's a remarkably bad deal for nearly all policy purchasers. The FFIUL text makes very clear they do not mirror the indexes.

Here are the exact words out of an early 2016 WFG-issued policy, a 25+ page policy. Right on the policy title page you read this:

“While policy values MAY BE affected by an external index or indexes, the policy *does not directly participate in any stock or equity investment*…” And this on page 5: “An account option…will be based IN PART on changes in the values of published indexes…we may discontinue existing Index Accounts or make other Index Accounts available in the future…” Folks, “In part?” What does that mean? 80%? 50%?

Five percent? 0.1%? You can see the notion that these policies must follow any of the market indexes is *pure fiction.* And that's far from the worst of it--at least in the FFIUL policies I've dealt with. Skyrocketing late-life Cost of Insurance (COI) charges *will* force you to give up the FFIUL if you live a reasonably long life.

It’s as simple and dreadful as that. The FFIUL is not a “permanent” life policy as much as it is an auto-renewing 1-year term life policy. It’s “permanent” only until you can no longer afford to pay the astronomical late-life charges--which will be true for most people. You’ll could dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into your FFIUL over a lifetime and be forced to give it up and you and your heirs LOSE EVERYTHING by the time you reach your late 70s/early 80s.

Trouble is, many dreadfully low-info WFG agents also get suckered into the same products. They don’t WANT to hear they’ve been played. My upline is an excellent case in point. He’s a normally lovely and gentle human being who became hysterical and verbally abusive when I showed him the math for Transamerica’s FFIUL.

Totally out of character, he very nastily ended our contact. He doesn’t want to hear that the FFIUL is a terrible investment for nearly every human being unless you plan to die young from causes the authorities can't rule as suicide. The WFG agents that wise up to the disaster that is the FFIUL quietly bail out of it when they get past the commission chargeback period (1 to 2 years) so as not to upset their uplines. When you figure a typical ~$400/month premium for up to 24 months, that comes to $9,600--a big chunk of your true “cost of doing WFG biz.” For that FFIUL math, please see the 25 May review here called “Plan to live a long life?

Will your FFIUL--WFG’s “top” product--FAIL and leave you with NOTHING? I show you the MATH.


Nice!! Also you can do math which is known as FACTS and a foreign language to some..something you will never get from any good WFG AGENT OR RECRUIT..they detest facts like the plague!

They are hustling the recruits and those recruits hustle family and friends...and sadly most of them have so little knowledge about what they are selling that they don't know..and of course there's the one's that do but ride the coattails of the bottom of this pyramid without any remourse.Thanks..just another example to add to the list of lies and misreps!!

Now to wait for a rebuttal from wfg agents that has made 250k last year..we all made 250k last year...except myself I made a cool 1.25 million just by combing the ditches and cleaning them of empty beer cans...just putting my facts out there...want to join my team of ditch combers my friends..i'll even give you 25% of commission but only on the nice cans like wfg IUL'S?!


John, I just discovered this: world-financial-group dot pissedconsumer.com/state/california/city/los-angeles dot html


John, just reading this now. Thank you for making my morning :-) This stuff is just too good for the comedian truth-tellers to pass up. And yes, the Top 20 Lies and Misreps is in the works.

@Prudencio Zlt

Top 20 lies and misreps...i'm thinking more like Ryan Seacrest top 40....I think you have enough material....heck go for a book..top seller?! haha!!


John, maybe “Top ∞ Lies/Misreps?” “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Lenin--or was it Hitler? Or Goebbels?

Or [write super bad guy’s name here]--reputedly said that. Whoever said it, WFGers embrace and extend that model of mass mendacity. They maintain its entire MLM structure around a vast and remarkably durable web of lies. WFGers keep the recruits roped into an endless stream of “workshops,” BPMs, and Conventions.

They figure out fast who’s “coachable” and deport the rest from their Alternate Universe--of course after they take their $100 and sell them an FFIUL. The uplines keep the giant invisible Truman Show dome sealed tight as a drum over the “coachables.” They do all this with seemingly little effort or prodding from WFG Corporate. John, it seems to be a scarily self-sustaining system. A depressing testament to the huge power of unbridled--even *nurtured*--GREED.

Greed that, like a Zika virus, infects the vulnerable, dumbs them down, and institutionalizes terrible and terribly dishonest behavior.

Fortunately the lawyers are already starting to move all over this. The gov’t will take up the rear as usual.


Nice post anon, keep it up. We need more people that can help others see through the veils of lies WFG creates to target susceptible and vulnerable people.

Also, really nice that you added some points people should question if they should ever meet a WFGer. To add onto your post, some pushy WFGers often use high-pressure sales tactics and target warm markets to make (or rather force) sales so if friends or family get caught in WFG then watch out for them.

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