I've had two very bad experiences with WFG. My first experience was with my aunt and uncle who invited me to one of their evening meetings, assuring me that it was for informational purposes only and it would really help them out if I just came to support them.

So my girlfriend and I show up and it's a bunch of empty offices, decked out with "awards" and motivational statements. The room itself is filled with "Associates" and other "Recruits". They separate the "recruits" so that the associates can have their own meeting (which I later found out is just an hour or so of motivational talk and participation awards). The presentation we received was split between what products they can provide you and your family (financial services, insurance, etc...) and the other half is how YOU can be a part of this team and gain "financial freedom".

I feel like the actual financial services portion was rushed through, to be honest, it didn't even seem like the guy who was presenting this to our group knew much about the products. But when it came to the recruitment part of the presentation, the presenter became happier than a pig in {{Redacted}}. He made it very clear how all of us were recruited by other members of the team because we were the few who could become successful. He emphasized that to be recruited, means someone saw the talent and potential in us, like how sports teams recruit college talent.

I think I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes. Now to be honest, the financial services piece was somewhat interesting, and I'm sure there were some really great options for people, however it's hard for me to take it seriously when the people that are selling it have zero creditability. I'd feel so much better going to a legit financial advisory firm because to put my financial portfolio in the hands of some *** that is focused only on recruiting me doesn't really make me feel that great. The associates and directors in my honest opinion are filled with people that can't work a real/legit job at say a Morgan Stanley, New York Life, or any other credible financial firm.

They are also filled with middle aged Asian ladies that just don't want to work or are retired, so a title of "Director" makes them feel good about themselves. Others are either fresh out of college or friends and family of other associates. Total loss: 2 hours of my evening, a 15 mile drive and some gas. My second experience was probably worse than my first.

I ran into a friend at the gym and after the workout we were just catching up on what was going on with our lives and he was telling me that he got a new job, and that part of his training was to give a presentation, and asked me if it would be ok if I helped him out (RED FLAG). Honestly, I really liked this guy and I really considered him a buddy so I figured, sure why not. He asked if him and his boss could come to my place to do the presentation and that it wouldn't take longer than 30 minutes. Of course, my dumb self should have asked him what the company was and etc, but trusting this guy was my friend, I just went with him.

Well him and his boss showed up an hour late, which in itself already annoyed me. They finally show up, and they are both wearing these matching blazers that somewhat resembled my old catholic high school uniform. His boss "Mike" takes out his laptop and I see the "Transamerica" powerpoint, the same one from my first presentation and my heart stopped. Long story short, it wasn't 30 minutes, my friend (now ex-friend) and his salesman boss were at my house for nearly 2 hours, trying hard to recruit me and my roommate.

They continued to call me, to which I had to block Mike's number and tell my buddy Jeff to leave me alone. Overall, I really don't see how this type of job is better than having a legit career, complete with company benefits, steady salary and with zero risk of losing your friends and being avoided by your family. You aren't an entrepreneur because you're still getting paid by whoever is at the top of your pyramid and this isn't your original idea. In addition.

how do these people get any work done by going to these meetings, seminars and conventions all the time? I can't say this is a scam because they do provide some level of service, but they're certainly up there with Jehoviah's witness recruiters and those annoying people at mall kiosks.

Product or Service Mentioned: World Financial Group Seminar.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

World Financial Group Cons: Fake sense of value, Border-line scam.

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That was draining to read! Mostly because I believe you felt that way.

Here’s what I don’t like.

So we are sole proprietors so in that level we own our own business. But some people take that too much to heart! So some people do what they want.

That person who went with your “friend” wasn’t the boss lol it was his trainer and from how it sounded wasn’t qualified to train. Those presentations are supposed to be geared to educate financially.

As For that meeting you attended.

I don’t want to defend this guy but he probably didn’t know how to present all too well. So trying the learn as you go method.

Which is dumb in my opinion. As for the associates there are the classes they attend. They have a mix of everything. In my trainings It consists of a few things.

1.Product training, new and old. So things like annuities, mutual funds and other specialized financial product training. 2. Drill for skill (practice in a classroom with there peers) also where we can correct them if they are doing anything improper.

3. Case studies show them several scenarios of how to help a client in various situations. And 4. Motivation and recognition for the good things they have done.

So they want to go out and do it the right way. “Feel good you do good” Lastly all cases are reviewed by the broker who usually had been in the industry more than a decade and is registered with the FDIC who is fully licensed. These brokers carry more licenses than most financial advisors in the industry so they can offer more than other financial institutions can. Also if you go to an advisor from a bank or another firm they take a pretty big percentage commission directly from your investment.

We never touch your money it’s yours. I hate that you had poor experiences with the company. I make a point to provide quality service.

I train my team to do the same! If you ever have questions definitely feel free to comment and I’ll address it ASAP


When they become involved with WFG and out of 5000 friends on facebook they start a pitch about educating people and how they are going on trips,etc,etc..making you believe they will be retired in 5 years while driving a 1994 corolla is baffling to me.Especially while it's not good enough for a couple to be involved in it because the other half of the couple needs to make money are a real J O B so the bills are paid.

After 2 days they get 3 likes on that post because you know you can't say interesting because friends and family now know they will hound you for a meeting.And then those friends have a new group of so called friends posting pics and you think,who's that and it's all WFG recruits and agents.

Funny thing the (20 or so) in that pic who have joined live in the same small community and in a sane business sense are undercutting each other.MULTI-LEVEL-MARKETING schemes which WFG doesn't shy from telling you they are make it almost impossible to make enough money to live and usually by the time you are in the pyramid you feed the top and you stay poor.

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