I feel the need to write a blog about World Financial Group, WFG. After coming across a lot of criticism from people I know and from reading plenty of negativity over the internet I would like to put things from my perspective. Afterall, if someone has a bad experience with something they'll tell 10 friends - if they have a good experience they'll tell 2. My aim is to reverse this. If I tell of my good experiences, maybe others will too. I've been a client since 2011, and a licensed Agent since February 2015.

WFG is a pyramid scheme. Right, well first of all pyramid schemes are illegal. They are based on false promises in exchange for money. If anyone has ever done Real Estate they'll see where the basic model of WFG comes from. In Real Estate you pay the Brokerage to work for them - for the branding/image/name. Your broker will also make a cut off of every sale that you do. Is this a pyrmaid scheme then too? If you go and start a landscaping company and get paid $50 for each lawn that's mowed- but pay someone $30 to mow that said lawn and pocket $20 - is that then a pyramid scheme? In WFG - your uplines get paid off of your sales because they are training you, molding you, guiding you and doing plenty of your early work to get you to the level where you get more of the commissions in your own pocket.

I've read in places that WFG agents get paid for recruiting. We don't. We are a brokerage of financial services and we get paid by the product partners when we sell or refer a product.

WFG is MLM finance. Really?? MLM? In MLM (tupperware, scentsy, etc) you pay for products that you then distribute. In WFG we pay for a government regulated license to distribute products from insurance companies, investment companies and banks. We work out of a brokerage. Is mortgage brokeraging MLM too then?

From the client perspective I've read a lot of different information on the Internet - some people (mainly in the US have spoke of bad experiences where they didn't understand what things meant, etc). Ultimately if you look at the banks - TD, BMO, Scotia, etc - everyone will have one they're loyal to, one they hate and one they know nothing about. Generally, that would seem fair. Why do they hate one of those banks? Was it a personal experience with an individual, or is it the model of the company? Even the one that they're loyal to - are they loyal because they haven't pissed them off and they have no real reason not to be? They haven't exactly done anything remarkable for them - but they're loyal nonetheless. I'm happy to show my statements and my returns and how my investments are working for me, because of WFG. Not because of TD, BMO, Scotia or any other 'bank'. People will blame anyone else when things go wrong. When they lost their house, when they declared bankruptcy, when they made a bad investment decision.

WFG is different by design. You have to be mentally tough to pursue the career - or be willing to become mentally tough. There is constant criticism, mostly from the competition or from people who tried it and never made any money at it. Criticism from people who don't fully understand it - but because their friend or family member said "pyramid scheme" or "MLM" or "run", they listen to that opinion. It's easier than doing some research and deciding for yourself.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss other product. World Financial Group needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Interesting ..


Those questions of yours asking "is this a pyramid scheme?" after your statements. Yes. That is what pyramid schemes are.


WFG Sucks no matter how you try to make excuses for them.

WOOOOSH There favorite saying at there conventions.American Greed needs to investigate them. The only ones that make money is the top people every time you turn around you need a licences.I paid the $100 then to get it back you had to sign up 3 people and they also had to buy an insurance policy.

Then after 3 it went to 5 but you still didn't get your money yet. All lies and scams.

They want you to feel like your important so to go to the meetings you have to dress in business clothes Suit Tie briefcase i have to admit w r all looked good but that's as far as it went.So anyone approachs you to join this tell to you don't want to here about it. Stick to your regular job.

to Anonymous #1037760

You say this because you failed and can't admit that. Sorry but you are weak minded.

Hope you find the place where you are happy. I know a McDonald's hiring?

WFG is not for the people on top. I am not on "top" just an associate and I have made $6,000 my 3rd month in business.


You agree or not...WFG is MLM and Pyramid Scheme..Otherwise recruiting makes no sense..stop fooling ppl.


I bet you, you got *** up by now. You greedy *** willing to screw friends & families and people you basically label as ***. I hope you get ***.


They are one big rip off.


Lol. Reviewing yourself and giving yourself a positive review.

Totally not shady.


I asked my broker if insurance under wfg is good. She answered I she's affiliated with wfg too but will recommend a better one because she wants to leave a good impression with her clients.

She said she won't recommend wfg but don't give me much information why is that.

Last she said, she wants the best for her clients. Does that mean there is something fishy about WFG?


I have gotten involved with many MLMs and the real issue with them is the products are just gimmicks that are not really distributable because no one can afford them. The only purpose is recruiting and exciting the new sucker.

WFG has a legitimate product and fully educates their clients before ever selling anything. The insurance business has always been a network marketing industry.

I have been drawn to the idea that people can gain wealth AND help each other. It is not an evil concept.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #996762

you have to be a licensed agent!!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #996421

The fact that just anyone can become a "Financial Analyst" for World Financial Group, as long as he or she has received a pardon for his or her crimes (only $300 from a shady lawyer - as long as you haven't been caught recently), should tell you that this isn't a legitimate business.

to Anonymous Manhattan Beach, California, United States #998543

Apparently you don't realize that anyone can become a real estate agent the same way huh ***?! So I guess real estate isn't a legitimate business either then right? Go kick rocks

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