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Mr/Ms WFG No-name from Nowhere. Please spare us your big fat lie about "many big earners" at WFG.

It's total bull cr*p and you know it. Here I give you the straight-up MATH to prove your claim is bullcr*p. Dear Reader. Fact is, in 2015 North Americans were *72 times* more likely to make $100,000 working anywhere *BUT* WFG.

In that year, they were *241 times* more likely to crack a million bucks working anywhere *BUT* WFG. You want to make serious money? *AVOID* WFG! The humble mail clerk at the J.O.B.

is way more likely to rise to CEO than a WFG recruit will hit the big time. That mail clerk won't have to do what WFG agents have to do: Sell their souls to the Devil to rise up the pyramid. WFGers have to endlessly recruit and push terrible financial products onto family, friends, and random folks standing in line at Mickey D's. Meanwhile they hate themselves more and more for endlessly spreading the Big Lie and ripping off their loved ones.

Folks, WFG is RIGGED. Rigged way in favor of the carriers, WFG Corp, and those few < 0.5% at the tippy-top of the pyramid. Many even most of these "elite" have been grifting folks since this MLM's pre-2001 days as World Marketing Alliance (WMA). Mr/Ms WFG Anonymous Coward.

Please don't take my word for it. Please see the eight links below that take you to all the OFFICIAL numbers you need to do the math. Check the WFG 2015 Final Numbers chart. Add together the Life Licensed Associates (53,156) and the New Associates (197,772).

This gives you get the total WFG sales force of 250,928. Hmm. So how many WFGers actually made $100,000? Let's look at the 2015 Ring Earners graphic.

If you add up all the Ring Earners--446+133+30+21+12+9+6+6--you get 663 agents. That's 663 agents out of 250,928 total WFG contractor-agent force. That's only 0.26% of all WFGers, or *a quarter of one percent.* By contrast, almost *19%* of North American made $100,000 or more. That comes to a whopping 47,579 "100,000aires" for every group of North Americans the size of WFG's sales force.

47,579 sounds like a h*lluva better odds than 663 wouldn't you say? So WFG Anon Coward, what about those many "7 figure" WFGer nonsense you claim? Let's revisit that 2015 Ring Earners graphic. If you add up the $1m and higher folks--12+9+6+6--you get a paltry 33 agents.

That's only 33 agents out of 250,928 total WFG contractor-agent force. By contrast, over 3% of North Americans cracked a million in 2015. That comes to 7968 millionaires for every group of North Americans the size of WFG's sales force. Hmm.

7968 millionaires for all jobs. Vs only 33 millionaires for WFGers. I think the discerning reader can now easily see: WFG is totally BOGUS. Dear reader.

Unlike this coward anonymous WFG blowhard, the *numbers* don't lie. Save yourself a lot of heartache and wasted time, effort, and money. Stay FAR AWAY from WFG. Thank you for reading this.

Here are those eight links to the data: US population: www dot census dot gov/popclock/ US millionaires: www dot cleveland dot com/business/index dot ssf/2016/03/us_millionaires_club_adds_3000 dot html US 100,000aires: www dot bankrate dot com/finance/personal-finance/100-000-income-no-big-deal-anymore-1 dot aspx Canada population: www dot statcan dot gc dot ca/daily-quotidien/150617/dq150617c-eng dot htm Canada millionaires: www dot theglobeandmail dot com/report-on-business/top-business-stories/canadians-make-up-3-of-the-1-but-dollar-millionaires-dwindle/article26783583/US Canada 100,000aires: www dot statcan dot gc dot ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/famil105a-eng dot htm WFG $100k and above earners: WFG 2015 Ring Earners: www dot facebook dot com/world dot financial dot group dot inc . Go to the graphic at 3 February 2016 on the FB Timeline.

WFG total number of recruits and Life Licensed agents: WFG 2015 Final numbers: www dot facebook dot com/world dot financial dot group dot inc . Go to the chart graphic at 26 January 2016 on the FB Timeline.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

World Financial Group Cons: Awful training, Too much recruiting.

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Disclaimer: I've been licensed with WFG for just over 3 years.There's some big issues with the math here - not with the calculations themselves, but rather the assumptions they're based on. First, those numbers do in fact represent only the associates who crossed over those income thresholds in 2015 (not the total company-wide # of earners at that level).

A friend of mine was one of them.That being said, an associate of any financial firm in North America cannot legally be paid commission for the sale of financial products they're not licensed to provide, which means you need to divide the total commissions paid among the 53,156 associates with a license (not 250k+).That works out to a rough average of $13,782 per licensed associate. This isn't a staggering income, but keep in mind: the large majority of WFG associates operate on a part-time basis, around other jobs or commitments. Based on my experience, earning that in a year would require serving roughly 1-2 clients per month (further disclosure, I haven't sold any ULs either :P ). Are some people doing less?

Certainly :P are some doing more? Of course. In any organization, 80% of the work will be done by 20% of the people, and they'll be paid accordingly.

Are those families that can put an extra $13.7k/year towards paying off debt or saving for retirement upset...? Somehow I doubt that.Cheers!- Derek

@Derek Penner

Hi Derek. I’ve seen you post a few other places around the interwebs.

To your credit, you’re one of the few WFG agents who actually gives his name and maintains a LinkedIn profile. You’re also in Canada, and as such, regs in your country and province may limit some of the worst WFG exploitative excesses we suffer down here in the often woefully underregulated US. Especially when it comes to insurance products.That said Derek, I need to correct your math. I crunched through the numbers the reviewer gave, and came up with only $10,831 on average for each of the 52,493 non ring-earning Life-licensed agents ( = 53,156 LLers minus the 663 ring earners).

Derek, that’s *well below the the poverty level.* And that’s for almost *99%* of all of WFG’s Life-Licensed agents--not the 80/20 ratio you gave. Finally, Derek, those numbers are very conservative. These assume the ring-earners earned ONLY the bare minimum to qualify, e.g. a 100k ring-earner earn exactly $100k and not a dollar more.The numbers really DO show that the WFG system is quite rigged against the newcomers.

I saw this first-hand. You say “...the large majority of WFG associates operate on a part-time basis, around other jobs or commitments…”, Derek, the reality: Most of the newbies end up doing full-time work for part-time pay! In my NorCal shop, the uplines lured folks in with promise of virtually unlimited income“...if only they work hard enough...” Typically the new gung-ho recruits who got their LLs then plunged headlong into WFG recruiting and sales--and quickly tapped out their usually thin warm markets. That helps explain why we see such tremendous burn’n’churn at WFG.

That doesn't matter for the carriers, WFG Corp and the legacy long-term pyramid-toppers like Nguyen and Mylett. They depend on a steady flow of fresh warm bodies, each of them to pay the $100/$125 signup fees, the hundreds of dollars for overpriced E&O insurance, and a few thousand dollars each for premiums for guaranteed-to-fail IUL insurance policies. Small wonder EVC John Shin made it crystal clear at the 2015 Momentum: "...The name of the game is recruiting! That's it!!..."Derek, in my experience most WFGers massively overstate and even outright lie like crazy about their “success.” IF you are truly doing well with WFG--and that’s a mighty big IF--it may be because you got in on the “ground floor” in one of the few relatively untapped areas in North America.

I lived some years in Manitoba and knew people from Steinbach--it was in those day a very close and highly settled Mennonite community that enjoys at least some modest affluence, there and across much of the southern part of the province. If you grew up in the Steinbach area and in that community, you have an advantage that few other WFGers have, very many if not most of whom are first- and second-gen immigrants who come from developing Asian countries and increasingly from Mexico, Central- and South America.

@Derek Penner

Derek, what products are you selling most of all and what’s the mix of them? What percentage of your biz, by commission and by per-unit sale, comes from each type of product you sell, e.g.

WL, term ins, seg funds? Thanks.


Every time I see a WFG agent spew his lies of riches and unicorns I just look at this chart from WFG official #'s and ring earners for 2015 and think..

Wow,can you imagine the number of lies they told the recruits to dream about getting rich and how many FFIUL will be sold to be abandoned by mom and dads that will never cash out a penny?! The system is easy...brainwash them that they will become rich,meeting to keep the brainwash up and make sure that even thow 99% have 0 chance of even making a living at this that it's all their fault and they are not working hard enough.

The only thing more pathetic than the WFG commission numbers is the absence of morals and ethics it takes to make family and friends take part of this scheme.

@wfg keeping you poor

Yup. They go for rah-rah and ignore the dismal facts right in front of their noses.

They think sheer belief and optimism will defy the Law of Gravity.

No surprise WFG uplines brought up Trump in glowing terms in almost every workshop. Even before Americans and Putin selected him Liar-in-Chief.


732 million total commission paid for 200,000 new recruits and 53,000 licenced agents...now if you divide everything with all the ring earners included in the chart you end up with 99.5% of them making less than 2200$/year. I found this info on one of my friends facebook page...They were saying how good it was and all the money they were making??? A financial agent that can't divide 732 million by 253,000 employees made me laugh as they thought this was great numbers to show us ...sad!!

Now imagine how much newbies quit to have only 53,000 licensed agents while recruiting 200k in just one year...Safe to say that by calculation if this info would be for 7-8 years that would mean that only 7-8% of all recruits don't quit in a yearly spand..impressive indeed if you want to just be very poor!>


If you have a story to tell or information of a financial scam drop us an email contact@global-financial-news.com and we will gladly look into it for you and put these crooks straight. We are a straight talking website to help the public voice the truth!

@Global Financial News

I hope this scam get's taken to the cleaners.


Would be interesting to see the 2016 numbers or are they keeping those in a vault because they are even worst than the 2015#'s that you have posted?


This sounds like Ex-WFGER. You are killing me.

The numbers are the total ones that were brought on board. Most quit because they can't stand the pressure and the non-sense from their family's.

You need to put your energy somewhere else. Most successful people don't listen to people like you.

@WFG ***ociate

The CHART is the OFFICIAL WFG #'S...so if you're saying that there's even more people than 253,000 agents and recruits that worked for WFG in 2015 is wrong then that means that 99.5% made less than 2272$/year because a lot of them quit...haha!! Stop making a mountain out of mole hill...It's more stop telling us you're making millions while you're making pennies!! The problem is that 197,000 recruit in 2015 official WFG numbers posted on the chart didn't listen and they only made a measly 2272$/year..that's what happens when you follow a pyramid scheme blindly!

@WFG ***ociate

What type of a company recruits 200,000 people every year and only retains about 8% of them?

At least the 92% that left had the brains to get out before they were bankrupted by this MLM....that is after they were fleeced for fees and conventions, and robbed of their warm market.

Can't wait to see the 2016 numbers....


That is just how many were brought on board. Not everyone stayed.

Most quit because it's not easy.

Kind of like the US Employment numbers. Stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill

@WFG ***ociate

Most quit because after a couple of months they actually need a real J O B to pay the rent and the rah rah ola las vegas events don't pay the mortgage!!

How exactly are these recruits suppose to live until they make a few dollars??

You can only sucker mom and dad once with your overpriced insurance policies..after that you recruit all those around you and they do the same..Do you know where you get ANY business of actually selling insurance or financial products when there's 100 agents and recruits in your small village?? That's right..nobody left to sell to as either you've pushed them away or there in...after that it's done..you are not needed anymore and they start someplace else!!


Ummm, the 2015 numbers meant that's how many NEW ring earners occurred in 2015 in addition to the existing ones.


Ummm, Darien Anon, *where* does it say on that graphic these are only NEW Ring Earners?



Course Anon if you'd like to give us a link to an official source for whatever the total Ring Earner number is supposed to be, we won't say no.

Otherwise, nice try bucko. No cigar for you.


Believe me ...those are not the NEW ring earners..that's ALL of them for 2015..if not well that means that the 248,000 recruits and agents left out of that ring have made less out of the total 756 million total paid by WFG in commission for 2015...numbers getting better by the day...lol..99.5% made less than 2272$/year is what you're indirectly saying mr anon...wfg agent!


Why thank you for that info...could you send us the link to ALL the millions of millionnaires WFG has made in 2015 but only paying 732 millions in total commission for 253,000 agents and recruits..??

You're not suppose to smoke the bath salts..you put them in the bath water,just in case you didn't know?

AGAIN...it's astounding to think these WFG agents have a license to sell financial products while they can't even divide 732 million in total commission paid by 253,000 workers?! Brainwashed and most of them don't even have critical thinking skills...SAD!!


WFG tends to recruit the vulnerable and those recruits sell products to the uninformed.

The recruits I have seen are largely uneducated, unskilled and have a poor or non-existent job record. They are convinced to blindly obey through a cult like environment. They are divorced from all critical thought and are sold a dream.

They are high on fantasy and low on fact.

Many are nothing but "couch surfers"....having no homes or substantial possessions of their own, merely moving from one free place to stay, to another....

These are the people that are selling insurance and financial products.


Sounds like Trump supporters

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