I have become an associate with World Financial Group and found it to be an excellent opportunity to learn about financial instruments, leadership, and building a business.

My mentor in WFG holds educational sessions twice a week for new associates to learn about the various annuities, health insurance policies, long term care programs, life insurance policies, college planning, tax planning, and other means of helping people obtain financial security and build wealth. He also coaches us on how to create our own strong business by building and training a team to work with us to help our clients.

This is not a scam any more than becoming an insurance professional with Farmers or another insurance provider.

The big differences are:

- FLEXIBILITY (no quotas, can work part time or full time, not a "captive agent", can represent multiple insurance companies),

- COACHING (product training, a system to follow, assistance in the field, fellow agents are team mates instead of competitors),

- BUSINESS OWNERSHIP (this is not just a job, you decide how big you want grow, you can be a solo producer or build a team, you can leave your residual earnings to your loved ones).

If you don't take it seriously and approach it as business, you can fail, as you could with any business. It is definitely an opportunity that is not for everyone.

For those that truly apply themselves and follow the system, using the support of trainers and coaches, there really is no limit to what can be achieved over time.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Castro Valley, California

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Someone who works for the company is not a "consumer."

Review should be flagged.


Im considering coming on board with WFG I know a few people that work with them. I know people complain about every company but man I'm wondering about their products now after reading this site.

I want to make a ton of money and help people not hurt them. Every situation is different and I get that and some people probably didn't do what they should but these complaints are awful

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