I started investments via WFG 2013 and 2014, but had to returned to home country in March 2015 - to care for my 96-year-old mom who has Alzheimer's Disease. In June 2016 I went back to Calgary, Canada and asked for some money pulled out.

I was given 2 funds from IA Clarington, and was told that was the only money left in my account. As I was back for only 2 weeks and did not have original papers with me, I got back those 2 funds. In Apr. 2019, I was back to claim tax and clarify problems with Canada Revenue Agency - to reset my account and was asked for fine of over $4500 which I don't have.

Going back to ask for the copies of my files so I can explain to CRA, my former team leader Sarula Larsen (Sart before 2015) told me she did not have anything on the file. In shock, I got onto to my CRA account, just to realize "Sarula has been moving my money since 2014 and hide my money away which explains why she did not want to give me back my files. I downloaded all the transactions done when I was not in Canada and could not sign the papers, and did not authorize anyone to buy or sell my funds. Printed out the copies of T-slips from transactions from Mar.

2015 to Apr. 2019 and asked those companies "not to allow Sarula to transact my money any more". Only two companies responded and one promised to block my account. I reported the cases of theft and forgery (fake signature) to WFG and MFDA in May 2019, which WFG told me "it will take 90 days to investigate".

But by August 2019, when WFG finally sent me 'reports of investigation', they did not seem to show any responsibility to ask Sarula to return my money. As I need money to care for my mom desperately, I could not afford to wait any longer. I hope the top management of WFG Canada can seek the justice for me and ask Sarula to return me about $ 120,000~130,000 that I invested to INvgesco, Manulife, IA Clarington and Equitable Life through her (I did not have licence to operate myself). Sarula has been million dollar sales since 2012, so she is very rich but the amount she stole from me is huge money for me (for mom and my own retirement).

I hope top management of WFG takes this matter seriously and remain doing business honestly.

Please give me back my money before you kill two lives soon. Beryl Kuo

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $125000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Not that the company is bad. its only a person had a special situation. Also WFG doesnt do investments it guides you towards the companies who are federally regulated.


Oh thank god I didn’t start I started then I regret starting it and I quit right away saw that you have to get 25 peoples name and then call them no thank you that doesn’t seem right . I read so many bad reviews I was like good you didn’t do it .

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