WFG has a system like any other company. New York life agents have to sell 5 policies to their friends and families to be able to be official with the company.

Wehave to do 10 field training appointments so we ensure the new agent knowa how to represent the company. The concept of recruiting is to be able to build an agency like state farm, Farmes, New York Life and others. There are brokers and there are agents. Brokers can recruit to staff their agency.

We allow you to be a broker and recruit. HR Block does it before tax season, P&C brokers do it (my parents own a tax and insurance firm and this is what they do) Real estate and Mortgage brokers do the same. Most new people don't understand business and our system and get frustrated and quit and post their review here. Our system is to go see your friends and family to get referrals and show you how we educate our clients and get referrals so when you are licensed you have a team of agents and know how to set up our plans.

It's an internship while you get your license. My recomendation if your reading this is to go back to the person that invited you and ahow them these reviews so they can answer your questions with facts not people's opinions. There are good agents and bad agents just like there are good employees and bad employees. That doesn't make the company bad it's only the individual.

I ALWAYS recommend that my clients chexk me out with the department of insurance to see that there are zero complaints against me. You can look up every agents license number on the department of insurance website.

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Hey Anon #140****. You're right, "...so many people are ignorant..." They don't know WFG, this awful MLM, achieves "great things" only for Transamerica and other carriers, WFG Corp, and the 0.5% agents at the tippy-top of the pyramids.

They are mostly legacy agents like Xuan Nguyen and Ed Mylett whom Aegon grandfathered in from WMA way back in 2001, 16 years ago. You missed this wave!

WFG totally screws its clients and bottom 99.5% of clueless hi-belief lo-info sales rep-licants whom this MLM convinces to recruit, recruit, recruit, and sell--and buy for themselves--disastrous wealth-wrecking products like Transamerica's FFIUL.

Dear reader, do you think to join WFG? Please think again!

By WFG's *own numbers* you're much more likely to hit the big time in your J.O.B. than at this MLM. Please search for the review "WFG is a Great Way to Go BROKE and LOSE FAMILY and FRIENDS" for the damning numbers.

Thank you for reading. Good luck in your future endeavors.


So many people are ignorant and they don’t want to learn. Yet when they see successful people, they think such people are from heaven.

Keep your ignorant ideas. Wfg is real and it’s achieving great things.


Anonymous #140****. Please see above my response to you. Thank you.


Hi "Lovn-wfg" #138**** and #138****. How you feel and all that jazz.

We don't who you are either.

So that makes two of us :-)

But "Lovn" I give direct quotes out of WFG's own publications. Meanwhile you angrily vomit your random meaningless thoughts and feelings, and your blatant lies. Of course "Lovn" you totally FAIL to support your silly claims with any credible evidence. I expect no less---and no more--from a brainwashed hi-belief low-info no-ethics WFG rep-licant.

So "Lovn" let's debunk your nonsense shall we?

First you spew this garbage opinion: "...The Scenario of Disaster happens when people listen to you crap you are selling..." Sure "Lovn." Please feel free to entertain whatever bizarre notions you want. Meanwhile the WFG System manual really *does* say "Avoid the Scenario of Disaster. "...If you **start answering too many questions**, it takes the edge off the prospect’s curiosity..."

So "Lovn" since you fail to address this uh "interesting" WFG System Manual point, does this then mean you're OK that WFG uplines deliberately HIDE important information from their recruits? Is that what you're telling us "Lovn?" That it's OK for WFG reps to willfully and deliberately CONCEAL important info from their recruits?

"Lovn" you actually think that's OK to do?! "Lovn" then you trot out the dreary WFG boilerplate drivel about 9--5 jobs. "Lovn" the hard truth is, the lowly mail clerk at his 9--5 job has a *better shot at the big bucks* than if he joined WFG. Please see here: "...we see an even *bigger* earnings gap in WFG than at your J.O.B.

On 27 Aug 2015 HuffPo ran a piece decrying the “outrageous” 204-to-1 pay gap between the CEO and rank-and-file workers, with 4 CEOs at the top of the list earning more than 1,000-to-1. We can put WFG right up there with the worst of them with its staggering *1,321*-to-1 gap. (3m ring earners compared to the 99.7% who earn, on average, $2,272/yr.) So much for WFG giving you the fair shot at the big bucks your J.O.B. kept you from..." "Lovn" you say "...Just wrote a policy for a friend of mine.All he wanted was insurance and I wrote a small term policy for him...If I had listened to you my friend wouldn't have insurance..." Umm, "Lovn" where did I say people should avoid all life insurance policies?

Right. NOWHERE. "Lovn" please pardon me to say it, but you are terribly confused. I NEVER said people should avoid Life Insurance.

Indeed, I've said often they should consider either Term and/or, if they need a "nanny" policy to force them to save their money, a Whole Life policy from a reputable Mutual carrier. However, they should always avoid Universal Life policies, esp from publicly traded carriers like Transamerica. "Lovn" if you work for WFG you know as well as I do: the uplines push agents to flog first and foremost the horrible guaranteed-to-fail FFIUL from Transamerica. WFG's Compensation plan favors Transamerica products and of course it does--Aegon owns both Transamerica and WFG.

D-uh. "Lovn" you conclude with this astoundingly duh-umb comment: " ...You didn't make any money so you are stuck in a 9-5 and you are pissesd off..." "Lovn" of course you have not the first clue how much money I make. But you see I have plenty of time to come on to this forum and others to amply warn readers about the dangers of this terrible exploitative MLM and its rag-tag army of clueless and/or moral-less agents.

"Lovn, " that should give you a clue how I'm doing these days :-) WFG is doing a great DISservice to people, and it's only a matter of time before the courts and reg bodies catch up to it. I look forward to your answers "Lovn." Thanks for reading this and please have a lovely day.


No-name are you lying to us? Or did you forget?

No-name, you tell us" ...go back to the person that invited you [to a WFG meeting] and show them these reviews so they can answer your questions with facts not people's opinions..."

Meanwhile, here's this, straight out of WFG's System Manual:

"Avoid the Scenario of Disaster. If you **start answering too many questions**, it takes the edge off the prospect’s curiosity."

@Vishnu Hhf

I don't kno who you are. But you are lying to Ex-WFG.

The people that don't get blown out and freaked out by listing to you are glad they didn't listen to you. You seemed to have left something out. Ex-wfger. The Scenario of Disaster happens when people listen to you crap you are selling.

You want people to be in a 9-5 job for the rest of their lives!! You want to drag everyone down with you. Always working for someone else! Quit trying to make everyone else feel like they have no-way out.

What is your problem Ex-WFGer? You didn't make any money so you are stuck in a 9-5 and you are pissesd off.


"Lovn" please see my above response to you. Thank you.

@Vishnu Hhf


Just wrote a policy for a friend of mine. All he wanted was insurance and I wrote a small term policy for him.

If someone wants insurace that is what I give them. Ex-wfger you could turn someone buying a glass of water into a scam. That is a great talent you have. To bad you aren't using it for any good!

If I had listened to you my friend wouldn't have insurance and he has two kids. At least he is covered now.

I had another friend of mine who past away in may. He dropped dead talking to his roomate.

He didn't have any life insurance. Go-fund-me didn't work out either. He could not be buried until sometime this October. THEY HAD NO LIFE INSURANCE.

That sucks. Nobody should go through that.

WFG is doing a great service. I don't want what happened to my friend back home to happen to anyone else I know.


How can we check you out? Who are you?

You're just another no-name person.

You fail to back your words with your name.

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