I have read just about ALL of the complaints about WFG.

So much info that I actually started looking into it.

Watched U-tube convention speakers, and I met with a few agents recently.

I am NOT an agent & not plan on becoming one bc retiring.

I hv to say this: it is NOT a pyramid bc there is no $ if not sell products i.e. bringing people in do not give you any $$.

The time involvement is substantial if you want to make good money, thus it is certainly a legitimate job - part-time or full-time depends on how hard you want to work & how much money you want to make - the same as any self-employed career.

A $100 for credit & background check is legitimate & probably required under the law to make sure their agents hv no criminal records - and you will get a credit documents, many pages.

Then you study & get yourself licensed by the State.

I do not see anything illegal or illegitimate. Everything looks fine.

Many people make > $10,000/month, the top sales > $1m/year. That's no surprise bc it's the same in any Insurance Companies or Financial Services Companies - Charles Schwab, Merilyn Lynch, NY Life...etc. There are top sales.

The people complained are obviously people who never even tried & then made opinion without in-depth understanding of how the system works. Why do some people make very good money? And why some people who dont try to make good $$ and jealous others do.

It's all about Jealousy !

Thank you!

- Licensed Attorney & CPA in Cal.

Reviewer is in happy mood. This person is quite happy with knowledge on product. Please contact the author of this review to discuss good quality of positive experience. World Financial Group needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Sounds like a paid review.

Someone who claims to be a licensed attorney AND CPA just feels SO inspired by WFG that they felt compelled to write a positive review on Pissed Consumer?


Doesn't matter if you like writing skill or believe she is an attorney or CPA, please explain to us what part of her message you found delusional or misleading?

Lahaina, Hawaii, United States #949043

You shouldn't take advice from anyone without at least a series 7

to Jeff #1024436

Do you even know what series 7 is?


LLMAO! An attorney and a CPA?

Sweetie, the only thing you are is delusional!

The next time you want to post online, please find a competent adult to do the writing for you. Your own writing is horrible and not even on the same efficiency level as a 4th grader.

Burbank, California, United States #945613

This comment is funny. Lisa E.

Sacks, one the "business owners," with WFG, is a licensed attorney, which in her case is a license to mislead, bend the truth, and shirk investors out of money. I suppose everyone has to make a living, though. I bet she posted the comment above, since it seems to pushing the same BS that they hard-sell people on. "Many people make > $10,000/month, the top sales > $1m/year!" Well those people making top $$, are doing it at the expense of those at the bottom of the pyramid, and with funds swindled from the poor folks who trust them with their investments.

Please folks. Do not trust these folks with your hard-earned money. Go to a more reputable investment house, where they don't make high commissions on everything they sell.

WFG people make high commissions on every product they sell, which is why they try to sell it to you. They aren't doing it for your best interest.

West Hills, California, United States #945607

Yes... it is a pyramid scheme, well, mostly.

You don't pay to join, but each recruit pays up to the recruiter. Same as Amway an herbalife.

The tactics are misleading, the advice bad, the products misleading. They sell you *** that has high fees, low growth.

to Burned #988278

Fact: They don't get paid by each recruit they get. They only get paid whenever they close an account like IUL, UL, or term.

I'm guessing you've joined a MLM before, that's how you know about them getting commission through recruits.

By the way, they can't mislead their clients, since it would be a misdemeanor which would affect their background if their clients file a complaint against them.

Plus, those products that they are representing are from well known companies like Nationwide, TransAmerica, Voya, Pacific Life, Meth Life, etc.

They don't have their own product, so if you have a problem with their product go directly to those companies.

It seems to me that you were not properly educated about the products that they offer. Have nice day.

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