I had all these funds in all different pensions and RRSPs ect. I would leave a company and just leave my funds there. I wanted to consolidate and I met my advisor at a church function. She seemed so great. Seemed to care and seemed to be helping me move everything into one place.

A couple years go by and I decide I want to clean up my files. I contact my advisor about confirming that some of these old papers can go since we moved them. She told me I'd have to call each one to check into that myself as WFG doesn't keep a list of what I have moved.. They only show who has my money.

I phoned them all and then even phoned where my money was and found out she has be locked into things until 2018 so she gets higher commission trailers!

I'm moving my funds right away.

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Corona, California, United States #821557

There are good and bad representatives in every industry. Yes, the WFG rep should of shared with you (in detail) all aspects of what they are doing for you and restrictions that may be faced.

Also at the same time asking "how long will it be before I can "touch" my money?" (and also seeing it in print) is kind of a key question don't you think?

Both the rep and the client failed!! Once again this can happen in any industry...

Los Angeles, California, United States #758625

The people who clicked on *** must be WFG people. which part of this is ***?

it is completely true. But do you inform your clients about it? NO.

WFG is a total BS. Stay away like a plague.

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