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I have been with WFG since April 2015. At first, I have a lot of questions about this company.

After five months, I finally understand more about the structure, and how the commission is being paid. It is absolutely legal. It is NOT a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schedme is illegal.

The company has been around for many many years. If it is illegal, the government has already shut it down. All I ask you who was introduce to WFG to stay for at least 5 months before making any conclusion. People who make the conclusion after one or two visits clearly do not know enough about this company.

I love WFG! The company provides training to run your business. You are hired as an independant contractor.

This is your own business. The people who joined WFG is so helpful to another, more then the people I know from my church!

This person wrote the review because of good quality of world financial group the wfg difference from World Financial Group. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants World Financial Group to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1305725

My problem is people are commenting as "Anonymous". People are hiding and just bubbling away things that they have little understanding. "Anonymous," think cash value insurance is a rip-off.

to ibisquera Berkeley, California, United States #1306216

Yeah, "ibisquera," if you're so hot on full disclosure and unmasking everybody, then tell us YOUR full name and what your actual deal is with WFG. Or kindly move along and quit bothering us. Thank you.


You sell cash value, you rip people off with that.

to Anonymous #1037963

Kindly expound how cash value is a rip off?

to Anonymous #1112764

I didn't write that previous post, but I would be happy to show you many sources and articles why cash value is not right for 99% of people, here in Canada.

The situations where cash value is appropriate:

1) corporate policies - the premiums are paid with before tax dollars, so are tax deferred, making them equivalent to RRSP for an individual. This does not happen with a personal policy, as it is always paid with after tax dollars.

2) a family with a disabled child who will always need financial support.

3) an individual with multiple properties and no cash reserve for their estate, who will get the tax bill.

Now how many of WFG clients fit one of these situations?

1%? Even if they do, this is way beyond their capacity.

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